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(25th Sept 2015)


Back into open country again and over the hills towards Newseat. Passing numerous over and under bridges. You follow the northern parimeter of the Golf course,
which is quite large, starting from the north eastern edge of the village to the most westerly edge, towards Newseat. It also runs south wards to the village, which is
a good half mile to the south of the station.

Left: Bridge over a burn.                                                                              Right: Farm access over bridge.

Over bridge by Strawberry Bank Farm.


Left: Strawberry Bank Farm  on the south side of the bridge.                                        Right: Northwards from the bridge.


Left: fam to the Right:





Bridge over the South Ugie Water.



Ex over bridge carrying a farm road, north to south to the Bridge of Buthlaw and to Cairngall..

I hoped to get up onto the bridge for some photos but found it well fenced off at the north end.

Telegraph wire fittings sill in place. View looking westwards back to Mintlaw.

Left: Ditto.                                                           Right: View towards Newseat.

Looking back to the over bridge, towards Mintlaw.

Bridge over the Burn of Faichfield. First towards Newseat then towards Mintlaw.

The long straight rom the bridge to the next crossing where another over bridge
once  stood.

Towards the site of a demolished over bridge. N.B. The track bed has been raised to meet the level that the road crossed the railway on the bridge.The road runs between
Mains of Buthlaw, Cadger Hill, West Longhill and Thunderton.

A strange metal object that may have had something to do with the railway or,
perhaps not! Anyone recognise this object?

The track bed heading towards Newseat from the road where the bridge stood.

From the same spot showng the track bed, first running to Newseat and then towards Mintlaw.

Views from the road level. Left: Back towards Mintlaw and to Peterhead, respectfully. N.B. The ground dropping back mdown to track bed level.
The track bed appears to rise eastwards.

The view along each side at road level, first southwards to West Longhill and then northwards to the Mains Of Buthlaw.

The gradiant is quite obvious at this point but was probably more level, with the track be being gradually lowered form the old bridge.

Looking back towards Mintlaw.

Towards Peterhead and view over the fields on the south side of the track bed.

Left: Back towards Mintlaw. Right: Towards Peterhead with the over bridge up ahead, at the south end of Newseat station site.


This was a single platform with the buildings on the Down side of the track, There appears to have been a single line bay
platform with a Goods Shed at the over bridge end. (NLS Maps).

The station was in a remote situation but with a number of scattered Hamlets within a mile or two. There was also an
Airport, RAF Longside within a mile to the south, which may have used the use for the station during WW2. The
airport is used by the Buchan Aero Club to day.

Newseat Stn. Looking towards Peterhead. (Google Earth Photo).

This country road runs to the Village of Newseat (Northwards) and joins the main road near Torterston Farm and village to the south.

Left: Newseat station from just below the over bridge. Right: Taken from the last freght train movement over the railway,
with the brake van just passing through the over bridge. (Video film screen grab).

The station House is now a fully refurbished dwelling house, aftrer many years of being in a very delapitated condition.

Passing the station building, southwards. The station nameboard posts, still standing
today. (Video film screen grab).

Left: Towards Longside.                                                                                Right: Towards Peterhead.

From the north end of the station platform ramp, towards Longside.

gates of a once farm access crossing at the north end of Newseat station.

From north of Newseat stn site to the next over bridge towards Peterhead.

Video Screen grabs from the The Railways Of Scotland Volume 4 "Aberdeen and the Grampians". An excellent video available on DVD, from
Cinerail at:   There are many great archive scenes of almost every Scottish route you can think of. Well worth a look.



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Railscot: Excellent web site on Scotland's railways. Maps, photos and historical details.

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