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(2nd October 2015)


Leaving Lonmay station site and heading towards Rathan station site.

Left: Lonmay Goods sidings site. Right: Heading northwards towards Rathan station site, with the village of Cortes seen on the left. Lonmay appears to be the name of a very
 small hamlet to the the north wet of the old station, while the nearest, slightly larger  village is called Cortes, with even a small Loch of that name. I wonder if it was the land
owner's or the GNSR's idea of calling the station Lonmay!

Left: Just north of the station you come to another crossing where an over bridge had stood. Right: Back towards Lonmay, with the old barn still in view.

Let: View southwards.                                                                                       Right: The Ex over bridg site, towards Fraserburgh.

View across the A90 with 5.5 miles to go to reach Fraserburgh. North and south views, respectfully.

Left: View westwards along the A90.                                                                  Right: On the north side, looking south towards Lonmay.

Left: back on the level, towards Philorth.                                                                  Right: House or old farm demolition on the west side of the track bed.

Left: Towards Philorth.                                                                                               Right: Towards Philorth.


A bridge over yet another small burn.



Another ruined farm house.


Left: Farm on the east side of the track bed.                                                                        Right: A dedication cairn on the track bed.

Dedication Plynth.

  "This cairn was erected in 1988 in loving memory of Steven Patrick who lived near by from 1981-1984".

Left: Back towards Lonmay.                                                                Right: North towards Rathan Station site.

Over bridge on the Craigellie country road.

The old road climbed steeply to the bridge with a sharp bend and gradiant at both ends.

The over bridge and part of the road has been abandoned for this new road, cutting off an incline and the curves over the bridge.
You can just see the bridge in the over growth on the left.

Google Earth view, showing the abandoned section of road and bridge.

Looking northwards towards the site of the Ex over bridge on the
country road.



The 'now' crossing on the country road. Just north of Hillhead of Craigellie. Still six miles to Fraserburgh.


Left: Northwards.                                                                                                        Right: Small loch on the east side of the track bed.


Cyclist on track bed heading towards the next over bridge.


Over bridge between Upper and West Strathellie.

Both: Northwards

Left: South facing side of farm access over bridge by Strathellie.

Cattle on the east side of the track bed.

Left: Unusual to come across a car on the track bed. Southwards. It was a bit of a squeez by. Right: Track bed heading northwards.

Left: Cattle on east side of track bed. Right: Southwards towards Rathan

Southwards and northwards respectfully.

The old railway drainage is still doing it's job along this length. (Southward).

Withing the short cutting. Northwards.

Southwards and northwards respectfully.

Left: Southwards. Right: South side of the crossing where the over bridge on the south end of Rathan station stood.

Site of Ex over bridge on the Rathan to Gowanhill country road

Let: Hard to believe but Rathan station is hidden on the right. Towards Fraserburgh.
Right: Back across the road to Lonmay.

Getting back onto the south side of the road crossing with Rathan station to
the right, towards Fraserburgh.


Rathan was a single platform with a Goods siding 'upfacing' on the east side, north end of the station. The station building
is a private dwelling.

The station building from road. Station concourse with the goods yard on the right. (Google).

Rathan station building and platform. It is a private dwelling.

Left: Towards Fraserburgh. Goods siding was to the right.                                             Right: South end of station building.  

Quite a nice, if rather modern, station clock.

Right: The Ex passenger entrance now a modern doorway.

Left: Approaching the site of the demolished over bridge.                                                                  Right: The complete station building.
Rathan Station in Sept. 2015 and a B&W photo from 1972, from almost the same spot. Southwards towards Lonmay.
The railway fencing on the left has changed a bit and the trees to the right, overgrown a bit too.

An excellent photo by John Williamson. Taken from the over bridge in the 70's, when just a daily freight ran
and the rails hardly got a shine to them. Not long until the end. I wonder if I worked on that particular

North end of the station bulding, looking south.                                                     Right: Platform edge just made out in overgrowth.

North end of the platform.

Left: Remains of the entrance at the north end of the station where the track turned into the Goods Yard.
Right: Looking along the long straight towards Philorth Halt.

Left: Track bed towards Philorth. Right: Southwards. The present day crossing where the over bridge stood. The hight is over emphasised where the track bed
 has been lowered to meet the pesent road level.



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Railscot: Excellent web site on Scotland's railways. Maps, photos and historical details.

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