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(25th Sept 2015)


From Newseat it is back to open countryside of rolling hills and farms, with Sheep, Cattle and Cerials.


The farm, on the north side of the ytrack bed is shown as Westerton of Barnyards on my map.


The 'C'road to from Westerton To Barnyards to Smiddyhill Farms on either side of the railway. Left: Towards Peterhead. Right: Back towards Maud.

On the over bridge. Left: View southwards towards Smiddyfield Farm.                                  Right: View northwards towards Westerton Of Barnyards Farm. 

This was one of the few bridges that it was possible to get up onto. Left: Towards Maud. Right: Towards Peterhead. Quite a long straight.

Left: Countryside to the north west of the track bed.                                                   Right: View from the top of the bridge, towards Peterhead.

Towards Peterhead and to Mintlaw, respectfully.

On the south side of the over bridge. Towards Peterhead.


Left: The shallow cutting, running towards Peterhead.                                                    Right: View from the road. Northwest of the track bed.

The over bridge. Towards Newseat.

View towards Inverugie. 

The over bridge, looking back towards Newseat.

A Land/Farm boundary mound.

A Farm/Land Boundary Mound.        

Left: Looking back towards Maud.                                                            Right: Towards Peterhead.

Left: Towards Peterhead.                                                                                      Right: Back towards Maud.

This over bridge was a farm access road between Ellishill House to the north side and
to the country road on the south side by Meadowbank Farm.

Towards Peterhead  and to Newseat, respectfully.

The path via Thorndale House which the over bridge above, crossed the railway. As mentioned, I found no sign of this
path or the culvert below the railway. Google screen grab).

Left: Towards Newseat.                                                                                 Right: Towards Inverugie station site.

The bridge over the south end of Inverugie station has been demolished and again, you have a short detour to get back onto the north side of the track bed.

Left: Coming off the south side of the track bed. Right: Crossing the road onto the south side. Beware of traffic from your right that approaches from a bend.

Left: The gap left by the demolished over bridge. Right: The new path to get back up onto the north side of the track bed.

I completely forgot about this and missed taking my own photograph of the station platform edge from the road. This is looking eastwards
by the  platform ramp. It had been an intersting spot to watch the trains while they stopped at the station. (Google Screen grab).

Left: Coming off the track bed on the west side of the road. Right: Towards the drop down to the road and to the east side of the track bed.

A large modern building stands on the north side of the road.

Back on the track bed towards Inverugie station which would have been seen
whe the way was clear.


Inverugie station was a good mile south from the village. It was a singe line platform, with the buildings on the Down
side, where there was also a small Goods Yard. There are station buildings but the Station Master's House is in use
as  a private residence. N.B. Top left a track is shown going under the track bed and joing the road towards Inverugie
village.  I could find no trace of this track althiugh the culvert may still be there hidden by the heavy overgrowth of
trees at this spot.

Left: Towards Peterhead. There are no station buildings remaining.                    Right: Back towards Maud.

Modern homes have been buit rightup to the platform edge.


Left: The ramp at the north end of the platform where the Goods Bay extended from. See below.

Left: North end of the station, showng the Good Loading Bay, with a parked passenger brake Van, in 1951. Right: The loading Bay, signal box  and station in a
delapidated condition as seen from the final wagon clearing train brake van in 1979. (Video film screen grab).

Left: Inverurie Station Building. Right: The station, seen from the wagon-clearing train brake van in 1979.
The next was the track lifting train. (Video film screen grab)

From the north end of the Station site, towards Peterhead and bridge No. 734. The garden, on the Ex Goods Siding site looks well
kept. The nearest tree, on the left is where the signal box stood at the end of the platform. The Goods Loading bay extended off
the passenger platform, towards the bridge.

Inverugie station from the over bridge. (Photo from Google)

The road runs between Mount Pleasance and Berryhill farms. North to south. Right: The owner of the house is working in the garden, where
the track used to run into the Goods Yard Bay or into the passenger platform.

The house owner has also kindly reainted the bridge number, that had been fading.
With such a large number he wonderd where bridge number one was situated. I
would think the number or represented of how many bridges, up to that point were
on the whole of the Great North of Scotland System.

Left: A final look back at the station site.                                                             Right: Same spot towards Peterhead.

Video Screen grabs from the The Railways Of Scotland Volume 4 "Aberdeen and the Grampians". An excellent video available on DVD, from
Cinerail at:   There are many great archive scenes of almost every Scottish route you can think of. Well worth a look.



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Railscot: Excellent web site on Scotland's railways. Maps, photos and historical details.

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