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(29th Sept 2015)


The name Auchnagatt  are from two Gaidhlig words, Auchaidh, meaning a field and Na meaning Of/Of The, and an Anglo-Scottish word for a Gate.

Left: On the path around the demolished bridge and road takes you back ont the track bed to continue southward.
Right: Reverse view, where the track bed ran northwards, below the road and into the station up ahead.




Bridge over the Ebrie Burn.






The Mill Of Elrck, with a more modern spiral that may have replaced an original water wheel.

Left: An old mill but with modern Solar Cells for economy.

A restful spot but having rested and eaten at the station site, I didn't try it out.

Left: A reservoir that may also be used for Fishing! There is a larger reservoir just to the north of the Mill, on the east side of the track bed.
Right: The reservoir from a little further south. Fed from the Embrie Burn.

Yet another bridge over the Embrie Burn.

Left: Back towards Auchnagatt.                                                                                     Right: Southwards towards Arnage.


Left: Back towards Auchnagatt.                                                                Right: Another over bridge, looking southwards.The over bridge.

Railway over-bridge on the Savoch-Fortree 'C' road.


The present house owner has given the spot his own personal station name.

This spot looks as if a railway station may have been built here but I have found no report saying that there was ever one.

Left: Cattle in the first to the west side of the track bed.                                                                                 Right:  A wide view of the site, looking northwards.

The section from Auchnagatt to Arnage is certaily the most colourful and interesting section over the whole route, in my opinion. So much to see.

Bridge over the Embrie Burn and where the Burn Of Fortree branches off to the east.






Approaching an old Ganger's Hut and and a farm access over-bridge.

Hut, with track bed back towards Auchnagatt.

The over bridge from the north side then from the south side.

Left: South side of the bridge, towards Auchangatt.                                  Right: Soutwards to a short, rocky cutting towards Arnage.

Left: Within the rocky cuting, northwards towards the over bridge.                                         Right: Southwards, through the short rock cutting.

Left: Back towards Auchnagatt.                                                       Right: Southwards towards Ellon.

The photo above right, cropped to give a wide screen effect. Southwards.


Cattle on the west side of the track bed.

Photo above left, cropped to give wide screen effect. Northwards.


Site of abridge over a small burn. Northwards and southwards, respectfully.

An interesting rocky spot. Left: Northwards. Right: Southwards.


Both photos, southwards towards Arnage.


"Block's on, Driver" Another large boulder, strangely finds it's way onto the track bed!

Left: The boulder, looking northwards.                                                             Right: View southwards.



Left: Towards Auchnagatt.                                                                           Right: Approaching Arnage station site.


The Goods siding was on the south 'Down' side of the station. The station entrance was from the road just south of the
station. The over-bridge at Baemo has been demolished as seen in the photos below. (NLS Maps).

Left: Train departing for Aberdeen in the 1959.  (G. H. Robin). Railscot Photo.                                   Right: Towards Maud, in the 1974. (John McIntyre). Railscot photo.

The approach from the north is rather wooded and you suddenly find that you are at Arnage station by short glimps' of the northern end of the Down platform in the undergrowth.



Approaching the station from the north.

The Up platform is just made out within the overgrowth at the north end.


Arnage station building. Now a private dwelling.



Looking back northwards, the station fencing is still in place.

Extension to the station building is right up to the edge of the Down platform.

The Up platform, hidden in the overhrowth.

Left: South end of station, towards Auchnagatt.                                                                  Right: The old Goods loading bay, seen through the trees, from the down platform.

It was a pleasant surprise to find the the loading bay platform and a railway shed is still standing. You have to peek through a gap in the overgrowth to see this and could
easily pass by without noticing it there.

Looking southwards from the station you notice the drop in the track bed where the road
overbridge has been demolished and a path drops down to road level, where you have to

cross to get back onto the track bed again.

A closer view, with the old station entrance road on the right. The embankment beyond the road
 bridge is seen cuvring off to the
south and the top of the next overbridge is just noticeable



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Railscot: Excellent web site on Scotland's railways. Maps, photos and historical details.


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