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(19th Sept 2015)


This was planned to be a one-way walk but when reaching Mintlaw and checking the timetable at the bus stop I found that there was no bus service too and from Maud on
a Saturday and Sunday. I had no choice but to accept that it was going to be a two-way walk. However, a round trip of approx. 10 miles wasn't so bad and thankfully the
weather remained fine too, albeit, it got a bit dull during the latter part of the walk. For simplicity I have set the photos out as if it had been a single walk from Maud to
Mintlaw. As I visited Maud twice, for this section I have only used photos of Maud concentrating mainly on the Peterhead side of the station. It was also nice to find
the Railway Museum open, albeit on the point of closing but appreciate that one of the staff remained to show me aroud for a good 10-15 minutes or so.
The south end and Fraserburgh platforms appear in my Strichen to Ellon section.

There is very little of interest over this section but it does go though a pleasant valley with farmland and rolling hills.
The station was originally called New Deer. The Peterhead branch was the first to open and was known as the
mainline,  however once the Fraserbugh branch was opened the roles were reversed. The Good Yard was very
busy, paticularly with Farm animals and produce. The junction was also very busy with Fish trains from both
terminals. At it's height there were up to 18 Fish trains a day, using up the maximum signal block spacing. 


Maud Station. Both: The Up Fraserburgh platform, towards Dyce.

This section of track is awaiting the arival of the preserved Stirling Quarry prisoner's
coach, where it will be put on permanat display. The Prison railway ran from Strling
Quarry in Boddam to the Admilitary Peir at Peterhead and was competely worked by
prisoners who were transported too and from Peterhead Prison with their own trains.

South end of the island platform that consisted of the Up Fraserburgh and Down Peterhead platforms.
The Down Fraserburgh platforms, seen right, was seldom used by passenger trains.

The Peterhead platform (North end). The Booking office and waiting rooms is now a small railway museum. Other are small industrial units. The room at the far end had been
the station Buffet.


It's quite a small museum but very interesting and interest should build up when the Prison Van arrives and is on display. Just a pity that the local bus service is so minimal.
One bus a day and nothing ona Saturday and Sunday is very poor. If the tis to omitted from any reopening to Peterhead and Fraserburgh it doesn't auger well for the
success of the museum. It could be that they should try getting some track laid between Maud and Mintlaw to attract as many customers as possible. No point going south
to Auchnagatt as their bus services is just as bad as Maud's.

The Up & Down platforms looking towards Peterhead. The track bed stops at the far end, where the
over bridge has been demolished.
This view is close to the 1950's photo below.

About the same paralell level as photo above but from the footbridge on the Up Platform. A Fish train arrives from
Peterhead, heading for Aberdeen. (GNSRA Photo).






The main buildings on the island platform, showing the two Fraserburgh platforms.

Interesting solid buildings on the island platform. Still used by the Museum staff.

Left: The entrance onto the Down Fraserburgh platform, once a wooden crossing for railway staff, now steps on to the platform. The Down platform
seldom used by passenger trains meant that passengers had to cross the Footbridge, with their luggage whether coming or going.


The overbridge at the north end of the Fraserburgh line. N.B.The old Pll Box on the right. This is also the local bus stop, with it's fantastic two buses a day!

Old GNSR goods van that was converted into an office for the Esso Fuel Supply Depot that was situated in the V between the two Branches at the north end
of Maud Station.

The start of the north side of the track bed and on to Mintlaw.

Infrmation board at Maud, showing the complete 53 mile walk.

The start of the three mile walk to Mintlaw.

An access level crossing just to the north of the station.



The bridge over the South Ugie Water (Burn).

Left: Pastrol scene with the South Ugie Water running through the middle. The Mintlaw road runs across the seen just above the Burn.


Ex farm level crossing.

Bridge over a small contributory to the South Ugie Water (Burn).

A long straight, towards Mintlaw. 

Right: The long straight, looking back towards Maud.

The 32 & a 1/4 mile post, from Dyce.


The 32.5 mile post, from Dyce.

Bridge over a small Burn.






From the south road around, with the Mintlaw-New Pitsligo road on the north side, by the house. The train is approaching
the now demolished over bridge by the site of New Deer Abbey. This was the 2pm train from Maud to Peterhead and is
a train I worked on as a secondman. It left Peterhead around 13.10 and immediately returned back to Peterhead without
making a connection for Aberdeen or Fraserburgh, leaving a long wait at Maud for the next services just after 3pm. It was
a nonsense booking and probably helped in the railway's demise. It didn't help that the final train of the day from Peterhead
to Aberdeen was at 3.15 pm. Complete nonsense and surely deliberately planned to reduce the railway's  conveniance to
to passengers, who were quickly deserting the line. (GNSRA Photo).

From around the same spot. A wider lense used makes the ralway look further away than in the 70's photo. The two trees stand
where the train is in the 70's photo. (Google).

Ex Over bridge approaching Old Deer Abbey (Ruins).

Left: Mintlaw side of the crossing at Bridgend.                                                                                Right: Maud side of the level crossing.
I took this as having been a level crossing. However, from the maps I have seen it was an over bridge. The track bed each side of the present crossing has been tappered
to rise to the road level. This may have been the site of the Ex Halt for the ruins!

Notice board at Maud for New Deer. 2.5 miles.

Left: Towards Maud.                                                                     Right: Towards Mintlaw.

Old Deer Abbey ruins on the north side of the track bed. (Open to the public).

This is a faulse curve as trees have grown over the south side of the track bed, with the path being diverted around it. Towards Mintlaw).

Right: Looking back on the diverted path. Towards Maud.


Left: Towards Maud.                                                                                              Right: Towards Mintlaw.

Cows, as inquisitive as ever!


Another bridge over the South Ugie Water. There is a path on the north side leading to the village of New Deer and into Mintlaw, taking you through Aden House & Park
 Farm Museum. You may have to take this when the wooded track bed leading up to Mintlaw station site is heavily flooded and muddy, as it was in this instance.
However, I decided to walk the road from where the old overbridge was and into Mintlaw. The road can be very busy and fast.


Left: The South Ugie running northwards.                                                                 Right: The path to Mintlaw via Aden Park goes off to the right.

Towards Mintlaw.


The road above is too and from the village of Stuartfield. Towards Mintlaw.

Left: back towards Maud.                                                                         Right: Towards Mintlaw.

Right: the track bed ends at the spot where the over bridge was demolished. You have to cross the road to get back onto the track bed towards the station site
but as mentioned, on this ocassion it was too wet and muddy to get through and I walk the road into Mintlaw to catch my bus back to Aberdeen. However,
on my outward walk earlier I took the station path, which is when I learned that it was extremely wet and muddy and got my shoes and trousers messed up a
bit, so decided to miss this on the way back. You can see the Track bed sign on the oppsite side of the road, top left.

Here are the few photos I took on that section...........

An old bridge that went over the railway. Left: Towards Maud. Right: Towards Peterhead. This is where the ground became too wet and boggie, for comfort and I had a job
getting through it without getting too messy. Thankfully at the worst spot, leading up to the main road,there was a length of wood floating in the muddy water and by holding
onto the fence I was able to get across it. Thankfully too, there was a grassy spot my the main road where it was long enough to wipe my shoes off reasonably well. I
decided then to miss this out during my retrun walk from Maud.

Footpath to Pitfour Estate, to the north of the track bed. The estate & Gardens are open to the public.

The over bridge at the west side of the station. Left: Towards Maud.station.


Left: Back towards Peterhead.  Right' The shorth length of Up platform that was showing.

Left: Back towards Peterhead.                                                                                                    Right' The shorth length of Up platform that was showing.

As this is by the platform it appears to be a Staff air-raid shelter.

Towards Peterhead.

Left: Towards Peterhead on the length between the Ex over bridge on the A--- and the station site.          Right: The station sign by the road side is still on display.

The station is approx. three quarters of a mile west of the village. It was a two track station with a passenger
footbridge and a fair sized Goods Yard on the west side of the station buildings. (NLS Maps).

The station and Goods Yard site as they are today. From the station entrance.


The Down platform, in the back ground and the Up Platform to the fore.

From the same spot, towards Peterhead, with the station building. At this time the building was badly damaged when
youths set it on fire which meant the building had to be demolished. The trees are already starting to take over. You
can't even see this from the track bed today, just parts of the platform edge in places.

The station building from the station forecourt, showing the fire damage.



A mixed train entering Mintlaw station from Peterhead, with a postal van and staff awaiting it's arrival. It may have been
a Maud working or it may have been attached to a Fraserburgh train and continue to Aberdeen. Nice to see it when
both platforms were still in use.

Left: The wagon pick-up train passing through the station.  Right: Passenger train departing Mintaw station in the 70's. (Video film screen grabs).

Taken during the final months of the railway. A Tour special stops to allow it's railway
enthusiasts to look around the site. The Goods Shed is seen behind the DMU. The
 tail light indicates that this was on the outward journey to Peterhead.  It it sad how
over grown this spot has became today and that nothing remains of the station or
the Goods shed. If this line should reopen I would hope that the new station would
be built at the next road bridge towards Peterhead and much closer to the town.
In fact it would be a minute or two's walk from the centre.

Mintlaw station and Goods Yard. From the wagon-clearing train brake van in 1979.
(Video film screen grab).

The over bridge just to the north of Mintlaw station. There was an over bridge at both ends of the station. Left: Towards Strichen. Right: Towards the Mintlaw road. 

Left: From the over bridge, towards the station site.                                                      Right: Towards Peterhead.


Video Screen grabs from the The Railways Of Scotland Volume 4 "Aberdeen and the Grampians". An excellent video available on DVD, from
Cinerail at:   There are many great archive scenes of almost every Scottish route you can think of. Well worth a look.



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Railscot: Excellent web site on Scotland's railways. Maps, photos and historical details.

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