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(2nd of October 2015)


Having left Rathan station site, I started the long, straight' walk towards Philorth Halt and to Fraserburgh. A historical point is Cairnbulg Castle, which can just
be seen in between the trees in the distance. The castle is open to the public. You also have a very long straight from here to Fraserburgh, passing Philorth Halt.

From just north of Rathan station site. Left: Towards Fraserburh. Right: Back towards Rathan.

From the north side of the road crossing, towards Rathan.

The level crossing, near Invernorth where the over bridge had stood. Right: Towards Philorth.

Left: Bridge over the Water Of Philorth, where the Mill of Philorth had stood, on the west side of the track bed.


Left: Cairnbulg Castle is just seen within the trees, to the east.                               Right: Towards Fraserburgh, just seen in the distance.

Cropped image from above left. 14th century Cairnbulg Castle, which had been a ruin since
1309 and was fully refurbished in the 1890. It is open to the public. The village of Cairnbulg
was the birth home of the grand father of the Norweigan composer Greig. Cairnbulg was a
station on the St. Combs branch.



From the east side of the track bed.

Left: Towards Fraserburgh on the long straight.                                                                    Right: Towards Rathan.


All three photos, towards Rathan.

Left: Towards Fraserburgh.                                                                                                                Right: Back towards Rathan.


Fraserburgh still looks a fair distance away.

The Douns at Fraserburgh, in the distance.

Looking towards Philorth Halt.

A farm on the west side of the track bed.



Left: Sheep by the west side of the track bed at what was Mill of Cairnbulg, marked as unused on my map, but appears to be active at the present time.
Right: Looking back towards Rathan, with the cattle to the left.

Left: Philorth Halt just noticeable in the distance with Fraserburgh in the back ground.  Right: The Ex level crossing at the south end of Philorth Halt.

Philorth Halt Layout (NSL Maps)

Cropped image to give wide view. Philorth Halt just up ahead by the trees, with Fraserburgh in the background.

Left: Philorth Halt is still very much in situe and well kept.     Right: The road coming in from the east at Philorth Halt crossing.Back towards Rathan over what was the
level crossing.

Left: Remains of one of the crossing gates.   Right: What had been the front of the station and the concourse. There has been some building extension on
both side of the original station building.

From the present day scene and the old photo below you can see that the passenger entrance and arch has been reduced to a bay window for the house.
Right: Not the original station clock (if it actually did have one!) but a nice touch in keeping the Halt's name. There was also a Philorth Bridge Halt on the
St. Combs branch which was quite close by.

From close to the photo above left.

Looking along the length of the platform, towards Fraserburgh.

Left: Towards Fraserburgh. Right: North end of the platform, Amungst the pile of wood there appears to be a platform seat! The Goods siding is to the right with the loading
bay behind the two sheds.

Cropped from photo above, right. The platform seat. Looks in quite good condition.

Philorth Halt Goods siding and loading bay.

Philorth Halt Goods siding and loading bay.

The Halt, towards Rathan. The wall, far right, is the stub where the loading bay stop blocks were.

Still on the long straight on the final 1.5 miles walk to the station site at Fraserburgh



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