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(2nd October 2015)



mormond halt strichen stn google 13inch
Strichen station site, from Google Earth. For my walk to Fraserburgh I had no reason to check out the vaiduct or the south end
therefore from the bus I went directly to the steps and onto the track bed, turning left towards the station site and towards
Mormond Halt, on my first leg of the walk to Fraserburgh.

High Street, Strichen, from the bus stop.

Left: The station site from the path.                                                                                                          Right: The over bridge by the steps up onto the track bed, from the path.

Left: Passenger train at the station in the 60's. Taken from the road. Close to photo,  top left. (Video film screen grab).
Right: The path round to the over bridge. Turn left for embankment and over bridge.

The over bridge. The path leads to a private dwelling and where the gas works stood. The steps up
to the track bed are to the right.
The point into the Goods yard were immediately at the end of the
over bridge, on the left.

Left: The over bridge from the south side, which was by the old gas works.                                                   Right: The steps up onto the track bed.

Once on the embankment, turn left (northwards) towards the station site, which
is just up ahead.

Left: View from the embankment towards the road.                                                     Right: This is the station site. The Up & Down platforms are hidden on each side.


mormom halt strichen stn ----892

Left: The station building, well in the shadow  the trees. Right: The Up station building and platform are deep in the
shadow of the heavily forested area. (See below).

From approximately the same spot as above, right. The signal box an
passenger shelter on the Up platform. (Photo on sale at Ebay).

mormond hale strichen stn platform

The Down platform. South end and station building, respectcfully.

Both looking northwards along between the platforms.


From the station site to the demolished road bridge.


North side of the demolished bridge, leading back up onto the track bed to the station site.
Approaching the site of the demolished bridge north of the station site.  The track bed drops to the road where the over bridge has been demolished.

From the south side of the Ex overbridge. Towards Mormond.

Strichen sewage works, from the track bed. Right: Approximate point on the track bed where the photo below right was taken from in the 70s.

Close to photo above right. Passenger train dropping into the station, past the sewage works, in the 60's.
I remember ths scene well and would have been getting
prepared to exchange the single line token with
the signal man, as the train came to a stop in the platform.  (Video film screen grab).

Left: The road running into Strichen.                                                                      Right: Getting back up onto the north side of the track bed.

Left: Looking back across the road towards Strichen.                                                           Right: The next over bridge ahead on the track bed.

The first over bridge north of Strichen. A farm crossing access bridge.


Southwards and northwards, respectfully.

Left: View northwards.                                                                                 Right: Southwards, back towards the wooded rea by the over bridge.

Left: Northwards.                                                                                            Right: View westwards to the White Horse, from the track bed.

Towards  road over bridge that appears to stand higher than the actual trck bed!




The over bridge from the road . Strichen to the right (Southwards). (Google).


North end of the over bridge. You see the drop created by the lowering of the track bed at this point.

Left: Northwards. The bench has been provided by the Fraserburgh Rotary Club.                                 Right: The change in track bed level, looking southwards.

Left: Mormond Hill & White Horse.                                                                     Right: Horses, from track bed.

The Mormond Hill White Horse. Cropped image from above left. Contrast has been reduced.

A farm access over bridge, from the B9093 (South face).

Left: Looking northwards from the bridge.                                                                                      Right: The north face of the bridge, towards Strichen.


A little further north, looking back at the over bridge in the distance.

From here the Mormond Hills remain in sight for some miles.


Farm linking road and railway overbridge. Looking eastwards. (Google screen grab).

The farm road below. Eastwards then westwards, respectfully.

Left: The Burn over bridge, looking southwards.                                     Right: Looking northwards towards the next road over bridge.


This section can be quite wet and muddy. The railway drainage is ovbioulsy not working here.

Left: Northwards, from below the bridge.                                                                                        Right: An information board has been damaged.

View southwards from the over bridge (Google screen grab).

View southwards.

Views northwards. left: Mormond Hill on the west side of the track bed. Right: Towards Mormond Station.


Left: Cattle enjoying the morning sunlight. Right: View northwards. Over the years corn has started growing on the track bed for a short distance.

Left: The large buildings seen in the distance is that of the large complex "Farmlay" to the east side of Mormond station.

Left: A farm stead sits between the track bed and Mormnd Hill.                                                                           Right: The station site is just up ahead.

Left: back towards Strichen.                                                               Right: A large rock by the track bed.

Mormond station site is now seen up ahead.

Bridge over a small burn (South of Mormond station site). Farmlay off to the east.

Almost at Mormond Station.

Left: View southwards from the bridge.                                      Right: Mormond hill to the north.

Left: View southwards.                                                                                     Right: Mormond Station is within the trees.

A small loch on the east side of the track bed.

Left: View southwards.                                                                     Right: View to the south east from the track bed.

Left: Mormond Hill from near the station site. (See below).                                                                                                                            Right: Ganger's Hut.

Passenger train passing below Mormond Hill, heading southwards. The Nato Base
 looked quite different at that time, with two large Domes. and four large buildings.
The farm, abovel left, is behnd the train and the clump of trees are also sill there.
(Video film screen grab).

The hut is in quite good conditon, albeit empty inside. The fencing around the south side suggests that it had been used in the past after railway closure.

Right: A gap between the Hut and the station buildings, where the public can get on and off the track bed.


The Ganger's Hut and station site ahead. Farmlay silos on the right. (Google screen grab).

Nothwards and southwards, respectfully.


This was a simple station with only one platform. In a pleasant setting with Mormond Hill as a backdrop, including the
radio masts at the summit. (NLS Maps).

Mormond station site (Towards Fraserburgh).


Mormond Station, now & then. Fraserburgh train heading south to Maud Junction in 1950. (A Railscot photo).

Left: View northwards.                                                                                               Right: The original station entrance gate and posts are still tin use.


North end of the station.

Southwards and northwards, respectfully.

Looking soutwards from the road bridge.

The station site from the south end looking towards Fraserburgh.

Southwards views from the north end of the station.



Video Screen grabs from the The Railways Of Scotland Volume 4 "Aberdeen and the Grampians". An excellent video available on DVD, from
Cinerail at:   There are many great archive scenes of almost every Scottish route you can think of. Well worth a look.

Railscot: Excellent web site on Scotland's railways. Maps, photos and historical details.

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