September 2008

By Bill Reid

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Some views in and around Keith Town station while waiting for the 12.15 departure to Dufftown

Views from the road bridge over the south end of the station. Looking north towards Keith Junction

Looking south from the road bridge. A man with his son and Dog walk the line. Thankfully the train isn't due to arrive from
Dufftown for another almost an hour, they hope!

Keith Town Station direction board on the main road

The upper station building, which is the main entrance with steps down to the platform and the main station building and
booking office. This is a modern replica of the original which was demolished after the branch closure. The distant signal
to the right is the original 'up' distant signal for running up to the Keith Junction and station. One day before long
it is hoped that it will be used in reality once again

The Man, boy and the dog have made it safely to the end of the line. This could almost be back in the 60's, with the wooden
station name board and distant signal just as they were.

The Ex British Railways  'Sauceage' station sign in the blue colour of the Great North Of Scotland Railway Company

No departure time showing yet as station staff have not arrived. The station clock
records the long wait people have who travel by train from Aberdeen or inbetween,
or even from Elgin. The Aberdeen train arrives at 10.35, which  really is a bit of a 
 wait for 12.15 to Dufftown. Likewise with the 4pm train that arrives at Keith Town
 at 16.28 and the Aberdeen train leaves at 16.30, and impossible task and with a two
hourly service doesn't encourage anyone to make the effort in the first place.

The road over the south end of the station, looking towards Dufftown and waiting for the first train to arrive

Looking back towards Keith Junction

There had only ever been one line through the station

The 'up' distant signal with the track running over the river bridg.The track ends
just up ahead out of site. Work was carried out clearing the way into Keith Junction
station platform with a fair length of new ballast relaid but the extension was cancelled
and  the fight goes on to run into the main station, which would be a great boon to the
company as well as create more passengers for the mainline. That 10-15 minute walk
doesn't encourage anyone to take the train.

From this view you could almost picture the line as being complete from Keith Junction


The rebuilt replica station really looks the part. The departure vtime is now showing after a member of the station staff had
arrived. Three customers also wait for the 12.15 departure

The empty stock DMU arrives from Dufftown to form the 12.15 departure

As if by order a good number of passengers arrive in the final 5 minutes before departure

Passengers settle down while the driver has changed ends and is makingt he cab ready for departure

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