Update September 2006

It was reported in the latest 'Rail' Magazine that EWS have ran tests with a Class 66 and 67 over the Waterloo
 branch, which suggests that there is a good possibility of the branch seeing more train movements.

Clay Tanks At Waterloo Goods (Sept 2005)                                   Clay Train Sidings, Waterloo Goods

Views from the 'Tarrie' bridge.

The approach to Waterloo Goods Yard. From Constitution Street Bridge

Left: Looking towards the harbour. New housing development is replacing the numerous heavy industries and the branch just
 manages to exist, seeing one or two trains a week. Taken from Rose Street bridge. Waterloo was the original passenger station from
the north until the Joint Station was built and remained a goods line, which was quite busy until the later 70's. When I worked at
 Kittybrewster there was a daily 'shunting turn from 6am until 2pm. The goods shed was used by Fry's chocolate. The heavy 
gradient caused many instances of run-a-ways. The side of a tenement house usually taking the blunt of it. The branch was
originally a canal from Aberdeen to Port Elphinstone, near Inverurie. Parts of the canal can still be made out.
Right: The Waterloo Goods line from Commercial Street bridge. showing the steep gradient from Kittybrewster to the harbour. 

Left: Towards Waterloo, from King Street Bridge       Right: Towards Kittybrewster, from Kings Street Bridge  

Left: Towards Waterloo, from Nelson Street Bridge  Right: Kittybrewster, from Nelson Street bridge. Some
overgrowth is seen on the tracks, on the left, but on the opposite side of the bridge, the line looks very
overgrown and as if no traffic has run over the line for many months


As mentuioned above, EWS had ran a coule of test rins with a Class 66 & 67 locomive. It seems that this was successful as during a vist
to Aberdeen in September 2006 I came across An EWS loco Class 66078 shunting at Waterloo Goods Yard. The train is made up of wagons
carrying Calcium Sludge and a new tank and run-round track has been built.

The train is in the reception line. The loaded wagons are in the rear. They will be pulled forward and ushed back
into the work's siding where the empty wagons will be uncoupled and form the train for going forward.

The train is moving forward over the points ahead and will be propelled back into the works' siding
The train is still creeping back and the loco is below the Tarry Brig

With the train now complete the train will soon depart for Kittybrewster siding for the loco to run round and
then run down to Guild Street yard.

A couple of hours later the train stands in the Ex Ballater passenger bay waiting to head south.

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