Aberdeen North End in 2004, The cars are parked on what was the Fraserburgh/Peterhead bays. The glass
wall divides this from the main station concourse. However, while some of the original artifacts have gone
the Joint Station looks bright and airy these days.

 South end bay. The 08.40 Virgin Voyager waits to depart for Penzance, the longest through journey
in the U.K. April 2004.

Looking back from the departing London train around 1975. Locomotives and Mark One stock were the
order of the day.  The station still sported a nice array of semaphore signals. The shunters cabin (on the right)
and passenger stock yard was  still in full use. The scene is of a very typical wet and gray day in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Station Signalbox 1970's (Around 1973/4)


Ferryhill Juction Signalbox and Class 47 Locomotive

From the same train. Passing the site of Ferryhill Junction and the trackbed of the Deeside line going off 
to the right.  A Swindon built 120 DMU.

Ferryhill Depot in the 70's. Class 47, 26, 2 x 08 Shunters and Breakdown Crane

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