Kittybrewster based NBL Type 2 D61048 at Peterhead Goods Yard in 1964 

NBL D61048 waiting next turn of duty at Peterhead Goods Yard in 1964


Peterhead station and yard looks a little busy in 1964. There was a harbour line which closed many years before.

Peterhead signal box & signals. Note the (broken) single line token catcher between the tracks.
The approaching houses point to the future for the railway, which has been wiped away under
the expansion of that same housing estate. You would not know a railway ever existed in the town.
Only the name of Station Road and the Station hotel tell the story. As there was no run-round in
the station, once passengers dispersed the train would be reversed back behind the signal gantry,
seen her.  The loco uncoupled and diverted into the station siding. The coaches would be moved
 under gravity into the  station under the control of the guard. The loco then being shunted back
 onto the train. 

NBL Loco stands in Peterhead Station. 1964

The Fraserburgh and Peterhead passenger service ended in 1965, virtually 100 years to the opening.
The branch existed as a freight line until 1970. All signals were removed and the line was worked as a
'one engine in steam' branch from Dyce junction. At Maude Jct the trains were protected by  'Stop' boards
protecting each line, with telephone communications with the Dyce signalman. After Peterhead was
closed to freight Fraserburgh remainedas a 53 mile long siding controlled from Dyce signal box
until closure in 1979.

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