September 2008

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A nice set of semiphore signals with arrows  indicating each sigals direction of travel. This is a modern
day addition that older generations of train crew didn't appear to require to know where they were going

A mainline semiphore signal with a subsidiary lower semiphore signal for shunt moves. The diamond
plate indicates the the line is protected by full track circuiting. Behind are the empty shells of the
goods yard buildings

Stirling Middle signalbox with backfacing semiphore signals and partly hidden behind,
three facing shunt signalsand up ahead a back facing ground shunt signal

A wideangle view of the whole area looking south with semiphore and numerous ground-level shunt signals. 

A National Express HST 43302 from Aberdeen via Dundee and Perth for London

The up Alloa platform with new track and the up bay platform on the far side are pleasantly decorated with plantation

DMU's 15870 & 158701at the buffer end of the down bay platforms waiting for their next turn of duty, which will probably
be next day's morning peak hour

A south view from the middle of the down main platform shows a mix of old and new as the very modern footbridge is being
built over the platforms

Stirling North Signalbox with it's semiphore signals looks as if it was still in the steam days. That's not a criticims but is
very nice to see that there are still pockets of complete semiphore signalling around

The north end of the down bays 158732 and 158786 wait their next turn of duty on the Monday morning

STP 170472 arrives on the down Alloa platform from Glasgow.. By the time I realised thast this was the Alloa train it was too
late to get on it and so had to wait for the next one.

A widegangle view looking south from the new footbridge linking the Alloa platforms

Looking north from the new footbridge. Stirling Castle can just be made out on the far left just behind the Kirk spire
the Alloa line is on the far right

After very welcome refreshments this is the view of Stirling station on the west side. The Wallace Monument is seen
behind the left (north) end of the station buildings, with the range of hills where the new line runs towards Alloa to the right.

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