Bill Reid

Wilfred Hosteland

 Wilfred Hosteland who lived in Bergen, Norway.  He was a deadicated Ken Griffin fan from an early age and added to these web pages with his own section. Wilfred became another dear friend
and I will always  remember my visit to him and his wife, Bente back in 2006. We shared interest in railways as he was a driver on the Bergen Muntain Railway and I was a mainline train driver
 in the UK. We were also very keen Ken Griffin fans.

Wilfred was also very friendly with Ken's sister, Virginia and her husband and they visited each other's homes a few times. It was during that period that Virginia gave Wilfred the 16mm films
of Ken's 67 Melody Lane TV shows which he had converted onto VHS tape. I was kindly given a copy and managed to convert the tape to DVD when that technology became possible for personal
Wilfred also had contact with a local radio station and assisted in getting Ken's recordings played often, along with numerous Europian organists, which he introduced me to by sending me
copies of their work on tape and which I converted to CD's as well as giving them some didgital clean-up. Wilfred had built an interesting series of Organ & Organist history over the years.


Bill Reid and Wilfred at his home in Bergen, Norway, 2005.                                                                                 Bente and Wilfred at home. Bergen, Norway, 2005.

Bill & Wilfred outside Edward Greig's house in Bergen, Norway. It is now a museum dedicated to Greig.

It was very interesting getting to know Wilfred and I am pleased that I met him. My Best Wishes to Bente wherever the future takes her and will always remember their kindness.



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