Aberdeen Standard tram 112 in 1955/6. First stop after leaving the Scatterburn terminus, at the junction with South Anderson Drive on Great Northern Road. The houses seen in the left background are at the bottom of the street where I was born and brought up. I spent many happy years on the trams and used them daily too and from school during my last three years. This picture represents the very period and time and creates many happy memories. The drivers and conductors were all friendly and I often travelled free and enjoyed many chats with them. I was even lucky enough to be allowed to drive one from the terminus to the stop shown here, when I was aged 14. I often thought about becoming a driver but of course this route had gone by the time I left school. However I suppose its not a far cry from driving trams to my present day employment of driving trains! Certainly, the controls were almost identical to the earliest diesel locomotives that I worked on.

Sadly, as with most other Aberdeen trams, they were taken to the beach links in 1958 and set alight with the shells sold for scrap. An action, which to this day, many Aberdonians have never forgiven the Council. At least one would have made a pleasing addition to the National Tramway Musium's tram collection, in Debryshire.

Picture by Parr/S.T.M.S. Collection. From Scottish Transport Magazine No. 36. 1982.
With thanks to Glasgow Musiums: The Musium of Transport for the use of this picture on our web site.



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