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Tivoli Theatre welcomes organ clubs for rededication of the WurliTzer

Tivoli Theatre Marquee welcomes Chicago Theatre Organ clubs on August 4, 2000

WurliTzer Opus 942 at the Tivoli Theatre, Downers Grove, Il.
WurliTzer OPUS 942, Style H
This organ was originally installed in the Indiana Theatre in East Chicago, IN, in 1924. The organ was originally played by Ambrose Larson, who was a WurliTzer demonstrator and close personal friend of another popular Northern Indiana organist, John Muri who was playing in nearby Hammond. The organ was purchased by CATOE and relocated to the Maine Township High School, North, in DesPlaines. John Muri presented the program for the organ dedication at the school. Declining enrollment after the peak of the baby boom caused the district to close the school and sell the building to the Illinois State Police. The organ needed a new home and in 1992 was moved into theTivoli Theatre in Downers Grove. The Tivoli owners Willis and Shirley Johnson actively support theatre organ and welcomed the WurliTzer to their flagship theatre of the CLASSIC CINEMAS Theatre Chain. 
They commissioned an artist to provide the artwork which graces the console. The console was a stark white when it was in the high school. This is the third pipe organ to grace the Tivoli Theatre. The original organ, also a Wurlitzer, was removed in the 1940?s. In the mid 1980's a Barton 2 manual 7 rank was installed, and later moved to the York Theatre in Elmhurst, another "Classic Cinemas" theatre, to make way for the Wurlitzer 3/10. 

For any possible program information check out the Current Theatre Organ Installation Database and type in:"IL" in state block and "Tivoli" in Location(venue) block and click on Search Icon.

To rededicate the organ after an extensive upgrade to replace the relay and combination action on August 5, 2000 these keyboard artists demonstrated the improved organ to members of 4 local organ clubs. Flanked by two talented budding young theatre organists is Tivoli regular organist, Dennis Scott. 
                              OPUS 942 Chamber Analysis
                       MAIN         SOLO
16' Diaphonic Diapason 
Violin Celeste 


16' Tibia Clausa
Vox Humana 
Bass Drum
Kettle Drum
Crash Cymbal
Fire Bell 
Fire Bell Reit 
Steam Whistle 
Car Horn
Bird Whistle 
Vox Humana 
5021 Highland Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Show Info: (630) 968-0219 Screens: One
Seating: 1,044 
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