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Jack Moelmann was born at a very early age, and originally from Oak 
Park, Illinois, a Western suburb of Chicago.  He received a Bachelor 
of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Bradley University, 
Peoria, Illinois in 1965.  He retired from the U.S. Air Force as a 
Colonel in April 1991 after serving in Communications, Electronics, 
and Computers for 26 years.  

In addition to Jack's Air Force career,  he also had a career (as a hobby)
 in music and in particular the organ.  Jack started in music at
age 8, and has pursued this avocation ever since.  His main interests 
are classical, theatre, and popular stylings on both the organ 
and the piano.  Jack has been a member of the American Theatre 
Organ Society (ATOS) since 1967, served on their Board of Directors, 
chaired several committees, and was the National President of ATOS 
from 1985 until 1988.  He currently serves as the ATOS National Secretary 
and is on the ATOS  Board of Directors. He was elected as the ATOS 
Honorary Lifetime Member in May 1994.  During high school and college, 
he was always in demand to perform on the organ at social functions, 
as well as concerts in local churches, auditoriums, and theatres.  He has 
performed and given concerts in most of the famous movie palaces 
across the country.  

Some of these include the famed Carnegie Hall Cinema Theatre in New 
York, New Jersey, the  Alabama Theatre in Birmingham, 
Alabama, the Temple Theatre, Meridian, Mississippi, 
played several organ concerts in the restored Saenger Theatre in 
Biloxi, Mississippi, and played to capacity crowds in the War 
Memorial Auditorium in Trenton, New Jersey on their mighty Moller 
Theatre Pipe Organ.  

From 1972-1973 he was the head organist at the Shakey's Pizza Parlour
in Anaheim, California playing their Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ. 
 He has been featured on such TV programs as the "CBS Evening News"
with Walter Cronkite and "Good Morning America" as well as many other 
television and radio programs in support of the American Theatre Organ Society, 
the theatre organ, and its music. 

He has performed on several occasions on the Mighty 
Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ in the Fabulous Fox Theatre in 
St. Louis and appeared with Bob Ralston of Lawrence Welk
fame in Omaha, Chicago, and Meridian, Mississippi, and 
performed on the mammoth Kimball Concert Organ in the 
St. Louis Scottish Rite.  He has also performed at the famed 
Byrd Theatre in Richmond, Virginia, the Redford Theatre 
in Detroit, and in May 1991, he rededicated the Grand Barton Theatre 
Pipe Organ (originally from Springfield’s Orpheum Theatre) in the 
Springfield, Illinois High School to a capacity crowd after it had 
been rebuilt and improved.  In October 1992, he made his second 
appearance playing with the Omaha Symphony Orchestra on the Omaha 
Orpheum Theatre's Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ during their Halloween 
Pops Concert Series, his first appearance being during the Christmas 
Concert Series in 1988.  In December 1992, 1993, and 1994, he 
performed Christmas Concerts at the famed Rialto Theatre in Joliet, 
Illinois on their Grande Barton Theatre Pipe Organ.  He has also been 
a favorite at many organ clubs wherever he has been stationed with 
the Air Force. These are just a few of the many places that he has 
performed in the past years.  

Jack has combined his musical interest and electrical engineering 
background to put together an elaborate Theatre Organ instrument in 
his home in O'Fallon, Illinois.  He consistently shares his organ and 
talent with many groups around the St. Louis area. A few statistics 
of Jack’s Theatre Organ follow:

Organ Console (built by the Rodgers Organ Company, circa 1975; Model 
340 “Century” Custom): 3-manuals, 32-note pedalboard; 15 ranks of 
voices (electronic); 7 ranks of voices (pipes); 122 stop tabs on 
console; 26 stop tabs on side panel (pipes: pedal, solo, great & 
tremolo); 47 thumb pistons on console: 21 thumb pistons for 
combination action; 26 thumb pistons for special effects/functions; 
20 toe pistons for special effects; 10 other console controls; 101 
controls (pull-out drawer - left); 31 controls (pull-out drawer - 
right); 42 controls (side panel); 4-channel MIDI (accomp, great, solo,
 pedal); 3 blowers (2-pressure, 1-vacuum) - (large blower: 3-phase, 
208 volts, 2-horsepower Spencer); 88 speakers (30" to 2"); 28 speaker 
enclosures (includes 3 Leslie tone cabinets); 6 reverberation/delay 
units; 18 channels of power amplifiers; 18-1/2 miles of wire; 5 power 
supplies (external to console).  Power consumption:  64 amps at 110 

17 tuned percussions: Glockenspiel, 3-Orchestral bells, 2-Xylophones, 
Chrysoglott, 2-Chimes, Piano, Wooden Bar Marimba Harp, Christmas 
Bells, Santa’s Marching Band, Tuned Sleighbells; 

Other Percussions:  Zimbelstern; wind chimes; 4 cymbals; 4 drums; 12 
dancing ducks; Large animated duck; 3 bird whistles; slide whistle; 9 
train horns; 4 duck calls 4 other whistles; 7 bells; 12 other horns; 
7 other percussions.

480 pipes; 125 feet of air duct; 3 automatic rhythm units; 3 digital 
synthesizers/samplers; 1 Apple digital computer (sequencer), 3-
computer disk drives; 2 computer monitors; 22 remote controlled 
animals-figures; 4 projectors (2-slide, 2-movie); 2 electric movie 
screens, and lots of other stuff.  

Hope You Enjoyed Yourself.


(As of:  May, 1994)

O'FALLON, ILLINOIS -- (618) 632-8455

Console: 3-manuals, 32-note pedalboard, 
horseshoe console, white & gold
Console features: Pizzacato (solo to great), Sostenuto (great & MIDI),
 second touch (accomp)
15 ranks of voices (electronic)
7 ranks of voices (pipes)
122 stop tabs on console
26 stop tabs on side panel (pipes: pedal, solo, great & tremolo)
47 thumb pistons on console:
     21 thumb pistons for combination action
     26 thumb pistons for special effects/functions
20 toe pistons on console
     3-pedal combinations, 1-sforzando
     16-special effects
10 other console controls
101 controls (pull-out drawer - left)
31 controls  (pull-out drawer - right)
42 controls  (side panel)
2 expression pedals (main and solo)
1 crescendo pedal
4-channel MIDI (accomp, great, solo, pedal)
3 blowers (2-pressure, 1-vacuum)
       (large blower: 3-phase, 208 volts, 2-horsepower Spencer)
3 pressure regulators
88 speakers (30" to 2")
28 speaker enclosures (includes 3 Leslie tone cabinets)
6 reverberation/delay units
18 channels of power amplifiers
18-1/2 miles of wire
5 power supplies (external to console)
Power consumption:  64 amps at 110 volts
17 tuned percussions:
     Glockenspiel, 3-Orchestral bells, 2-Xylophones, 
     Chrysoglott, 2-Chimes, Piano,
     Wooden Bar Harp, Christmas Bells, Santa Marching Band, 
     Tuned Sleighbells
     Internal electronic:  Chrysoglott, Piano, Wood Harp
Zimbelstern             wind chimes
4 cymbals               4 drums
12 dancing ducks        Large animated duck
3 bird whistles         slide whistle
9 train horns           4 duck calls
4 other whistles        7 bells
12 other horns          7 other percussions
480 pipes
125 feet of air duct
3 automatic rhythm units
3 digital synthesizers/samplers
1 Apple computer (sequencer), 2-disk drives
2 computer monitors
22 remote controlled animals-figures
4 projectors (2-slide, 2-movie)
2 electric movie screens
16-channel digital lighting control system

(Pipe Augmented - 7 ranks)
(Electronic  - 15 Ranks)
(As of November 1994)

PEDAL:                  Pedal Pipe Stops        (Pipes not under expression)

Contra Bourdon 32'      #Bourdon 16'            
Trumpet 16'             #Gedeckt 8'
Diaphone 16'            #Dulciana 8'
Tibia Clausa 16'        #Dulciana 8'
Bass String 16'         #Octave 4'
Bourdon 16'             #Flute 4'
Trumpet 8'
Tibia Clausa 8'
Clarinet 8'
Flute 8'
Sustain Bass 8'
Accomp to Pedal
Solo to Pedal
*Bass Drum
Band Cymbal Tap
$Cymbal Brush
#Percussion to Pedal;
#Cymbal Roll
#MIDI to Pedal
#MIDI Great to Pedal
%Lowrey Strings 16' and 8'
%Piano 16', 8', and 4'
%Arp Synthesizer

Post Horn 8'                    $Chrysoglott
Trumpet 8'                      $Wood Block
Diapason 8'                     $Snare Drum
Tibia Clausa 8'                 $Tamborine
Clarinet 8'                     $Band Cymbal Tap
String & String Celeste 8'      #Castenets
Concert Flute 8'                #Percussion to Accomp
Vox Humana 8'                   #MIDI to Accomp
Octave Diapason 4'
Piccolo 4'
String & String Celeste 4'
Flute 4'
Vox Humana 4'
*Piano 8'
%Marimba Harp (Reit) or *Piano 4'
$Marimba Harp (Single Stroke)

*  Indicates electronic percussions
#  Indicates stop tabs not on the combination action - will cancel
$  Indicates selectable:  Electronic or Air (pull-out drawer)
% Indicates selectable in pull-out drawer

GREAT:                  Great Pipe Stops  (pipes not under expression)
Post Horn 16'           #Sub Gedeckt 16'
Trumpet 16'             #Open Diapason 8'
Tibia Clausa 16'        #Gedeckt 8'
Clarinet 16' (TC)       #Dulciana 8'
Bass String 16'         #Octave 4'
Vox Humana 16' (TC)     #Flute D'Amour 4'
Post Horn 8'            #Nazard 2 2/3'
Trumpet 8'              #Flautino 2'
Diapason 8'             #Cornopean 8'
Tibia Clausa 8'         #Tremolo
Clarinet 8'
Kinura 8'
String & String Celeste 8'
Concert Flute 8'
Vox Humana 8'
Tibia Quint 5 1/3'
Piccolo 4'
String & String Celeste 4'
Tibia Twelfth 2 2/3'
Tibia Piccolo 2'
Tibia Tierce 1 3/5'
Tibia Fife 1'
Piano 8'
Piano 4'
Solo to Great Sub
#%Bells and Glock (single or reiterate), and Rodgers Glock
#%Lowrey Strings 16', 8', & 4'
MIDI to Great
%MIDI Solo to Great
%MIDI Accomp to Great

SOLO:                   Solo (Swell) Pipe Stops (pipes not under
Post Horn 16'           Open Diapason 8'       expression)
Trumpet 16'             #Gedeckt 8'
Tibia Clausa 16'        #Dulciana 8'
Vox Humana 16' (TC)     #Cornopean 8'
Post Horn 8'            #Kinura
Trumpet 8'
Tibia Clausa 8'         Solo Effects:
Clarinet 8'             Dancing Ducks & Kinura
Kinura 8'               Christmas Bells
String Celeste 8'       Tuned Sleigh Bells
Flute 8'                Santa's Marching Band
Vox Humana 8'
Tibia Piccolo 4'
Tibia Piccolo 2'
#Flute Pipes
#Caliope Pipes
Xylophone (%Deagon and/or Digital)      *Chrysoglott
Glock                                   Cathedral Chimes 1(Rodgers)
#Cathedral Chimes 2 (Deagan)    
#ARP Digital Synthesizer                #MIDI to Solo

Post Horn 8'
Trumpet 8'
Tibia Clausa 8'
Solo to Accomp
Great to Accomp Octave

Post Horn
String & String Celeste
Vox Humana

#Great Pipes On/Off
#Rhythm On/Off
Flute Echo On (Leslie)
Flute Main Off
Sostenuto: Solo MIDI Sustain or Great Manual Sostenuto
String Celeste Off
Solo to Great (Pizz)

#Leslies On/Off
Main Vibrato
Main Tremulant
Flute Tremulant
Vox HumanaTremulant
Tibia Tremulant
Echo Vibrato (Flute Leslie)


Orchestra Bells to Great
Glock to Great
Bells Reiterate
Glock Reiterate
Rodgers Glock #2 to Great

Strings to Great:  16'   8'    4'
Strings to Pedal:    8'   4'
String Sustain

ARP Synthesizer Stop Select (To Solo)
Guitar, Banjo, Violin, Trombone, Tuba, Wow-wow, Steel Guitar, 
Harpsichord, Telstar, Bassoon, Bass

Boat Whistle
Train Whistle
Police Whistle

Percussions to Accompaniment Manual
Crash Gong, Sizzle Cymbal Tap, Sizzle Cymbal Brush, Band Cymbal Brush,
 Snare Drum Roll, Tom Tom, Sleigh Bells, Triangle, Finger Cymbal, 
Snare Drum Brush, Bongo 1, Bongo 2, Maracas, Clave, Horse Hoofs, Bird 
whistle, Cow Bell

Percussions to Pedal
Bass Drum, Tympani Roll, Kettle Drum, Crash Cymbal, Sizzle Cymbal Tap,
 Sizzle Cymbal Brush, Snare Drum Roll, Snare Drum Brush, Crash Gong, 
Triangle, Bongo 1, Bongo 2, Maracas, Tamborine, Castenets, Cow Bell

Lowrey Strings to Pedal:  16' & 4'
ARP Synthesizer to Pedal
Wind Chimes
Canary Bird
Manual/Pedal Percussion Interconnect
Piano to Pedal:  16', 8", and 4'
Honky Tonk Piano

Air Percussions (on Slide Whistle Unit)
Duck Call 1, Train, Duck Call 2, Horn, Whistle, Train 1, High Train, 
Train 2, Low Train, 
Diesel Horn, Bell, Slide Whistle

Electric Horns
Auto Horn, Diesel Horn, Fire Bell, Doorbell, 5-Tone Horn, 3--Tone 

(12 - Tuned/Dancing Ducks & Kinura Pipes) - temporary controls
(Santa's Marching Band) - temporary controls

MIDI Controls
Transpose:  Set    Off          Solo to Great
Note Buster                     Accomp to Great
Solo Vibrato                    Great to Pedal
Great Vibrato
Accomp Vibrato  (Other couplers accommodated
Pedal Vibrato   by couplers/controls already
All Swells              on console)


Recording Panel:
     Tape In
     Organ Reverberation
     Tape Out
     Tape Playback Volume
     Main Speakers On/Off
     Tape Play/Record (Digital Reverb)

Chrysoglott to Accompaniment:
     Wurlitzer and/or Electronic

Marimba Harp to Accompaniment:
     Kilgen (single stroke) and/or Electronic
Marimba Harp (Reit) or Piano 4' to Accompaniment
Percussions to Accomp:  (Electronic or Air)
     Wood Block
     Snare Drum

Percussions to Pedal: (Electronic or Air)
     Deagon and/or Digital
     (Digital Xylophone: Single stroke or reiterate)
Wurlitzer Sleigh Bells (reiterating)
Christmas Bells
Santa's Marching Band
Dancing Ducks & Kinura pipes
Kinura pipes only
Duck Bow
Amplifiers/Tone cabinets -  On/Off

MIDI Memory Mapper Set


Rhythm Ace, Automatic Percussion (electronic):  March, Shuffle, Tango,
 Cha Cha, Samba, Swing, Fox Trot, Basa Nova, March, Rock & Roll, Slow 
Rock, Western, Beguine

Controls:  Clave Off, Cymbal Off, Snare Off, Tempo and Volume, 

Drum Rhythm Unit (Operates the toy counter drum set):  Waltz, Samba, 
Cha-Cha, Mambo, Rumba, Beguine, Habanera, Tango, Blues, Rock Beat, 
Bassonova, Rockaballad, Swing, Six Eight, Fox Trot, March-Polka. 

Controls:  Drums On, On-Off Select:  Band Cymbal Tap, Siz Cymbal Tap, 
Snare, Castenets, Clave; Tempo, Volume (audio not used), Power, Down 
Beat Indicator

(88 total speakers in 28 cabinets, with 18 power amplifiers)
     Leslie 31H (Tibia, Flute)
     Leslie 21H (Tibia, Flute)
     Leslie Model 47 (Tibia, Flute)
     Hammond PR-40 (3-Channel)(with reverberation)(Main)
     Hammond DR-40 (Pedal)
     Hammond DR-40 (Pedal)
     Hammond ER-20 (dual channel)(with reverberation)(Main)
     Klipsch-LaScala (Main)
     Klipsch-LaScala (Tibia)
     Klipsch-LaScala (MIDI) & Organ Reverberation
     M-13 Speaker (in 3-sections)(Post Horn/Kinura)
     M-13 Speaker (in 3-sections)(String Celeste)
     Bass 30" speaker (Bass)
     JBL Signature Speaker System (main)
     4-Stereo Speakers (Reverb, percussion, MIDI, PA, etc)
     4 5-way speakers for multi-channel Sampler & Rhythm Composer

     Advent Organ Time Delay unit
     Reverberation unit for digital xylophone, gong, 
     bowling pins, and woodblock

     2 - Speakers and high frequency tweeters with 100 watt stereo 
amplifier for Kurzweil Synthesizer, organ reverberation controlled 
through a 4-channel mixer. 

     2 - Speakers with 150 watt mono amplifier for piano, Arp Synthesizer,
 Lowrey Strings, Rhythm Ace, and PA through a 6-channel mixer. 

Leslies independently controlled from either console (Rodgers or 

Relay system permits simultaneous use of both organs or either organ 
from speakers and tone cabinets. 

Combination unit for 4-rank pipe organ (4-presets)

17 volt DC Power supply - 30 amps (percussions) 18-volt DC power 

12 volt DC Power supply - 20 amps (pipes/stops)             
(piano relay)

Solid State Relay System (tonal percussion)     
Piano blower (vacuum) system

Special lighting effects                        
Piano relay/couplers
Cathedral Chime Relay System
Tone Cabinet Relay System
Santa Marching Band switching relay system
27 volt AC power supply - 10 amps (chimes, variable output)
24 volt DC/AC power supply - 6 amps (control)
2 -  3-volt DC power supply (6 amps) for animals
Organ/stereo relays for PA system
2-horsepower, 3-phase Spencer Blower, 
25" pressure static 
2-regulators:  15" and 6"
Reisner pipe organ blower - 6"
IBM Blower (vacuum) for piano
Pipe organ regulator
5 pipe chests (including two offsets)
Pipe Organ relay system
Console:  Power switch, key memory combination on/off
Console Light Controls:
     On-Off-Key On
     Stop Rail:  Bright/Dim
     Rack & Pedal Lights On/Off
Console Indicator Lights:  Power, Combination On, Crescendo, 

Percussion Combination On, Solo Pipes On, Great Pipes On, Pedal Pipes 
On, Effects On 

Bartender       Indian Drummer  Hawaiian Girl
Dog Drummer     Monkey          Soldier
Weight Lifter   Druming Bear    2-Santas
Dog-Barking     Skater
Bear Drummer    Mexican Monkey  Drummer
Whistling Bear  Indian Drummer  Monkey

2-Monkeys w/moving tails        3-birds on perch

ARP DIGITAL SYNTHESIZER; (Playable from Solo Manual)
Buzz bassoon, sax, space reed, telstar, song whistle, noze, pulsar, 
comic wow, mute trumpet, steel guitar, harpsichord, space bass, steel 
drum country guitar, fuzz guitar 1, fuzz guitar 2, bassoon, English 
horn, oboe, clarinet, flute, tuba, trombone, french horn, trumpet, 
cello, violin, bass, piano, banjo. 

Controls:  Pitch bend, wow, growl, brilliance, volume, vibrato, 
repeat, octave, portamento. 

Accomp, Great, Solo manuals and Pedal) (not under expression control)
GRAND PIANO:  Bright piano, stereo grand piano, extended stereo piano,
 honky tonk piano, electric piano, piano & electric piano, new age 
piano, slow piano, slapback piano.

FAST STRINGS:  Medium strings, slow strings, slow to fast strings, 
piano & slow strings, piano & fast strings, synth strings, hall 
strings, stereo tremolo strings, octave strings.

CHOIR:  Cathedral choir, choir & strings, octave choir, choir & organ,
 octave choir & strings, choir & piano, mellow choir, slow choir, 
choir & bell

VIBES:  Bright vibes, stereo tremolo vibes, fluid vibes, slow vibes, 
super vibes, vibes & slow strings, vibes & piano, vibes & electric 
piano, vibes & bell

ACOUSTIC BASS:  Bass/piano, bass/vibes, bass/jazz organ, 
bass/electric piano, bass/slow strings, bass/clarinet, bowed acoustic 
bass, octave bass, fluid bass

TRUMPET:  Bright trumpet, mellow trumpet, trumpet & strings, trumpet 
& clarinet, trumpet section, trumpet in fifths, fluid trumpet, 
bass/trumpet, piano/trumpet

BARITONE HORN:  Bright baritone horn, mellow baritone horn, baritone 
horn swell, baritone horn & trumpet, baritone horn & strings, brass & 
strings, brass & strings & clarinet, baritone horn in fifths, 
bass/baritone horn

CLARINET:  Bright clarinet, mellow clarinet, fluid clarinet, clarinet 
& strings, clarinet & horn, clarinet & horn & trumpet, piano/clarinet,
slow clarinet, acclarinet

ELECTRIC ORGAN:  Rock organ, jazz organ, dynamic electric organ, 
dynamic rock organ, dynamic jazz organ, organ & strings, organ & 
piano, pipe organ 1, pipe organ 2

WAVESHAPES:  Digital electric piano, synth harpsichord, handbells, 
synth kalimba, bell & strings, synthicord, klavinyet, synth 
harpsichord & strings, electric piano & strings, sawtooth synth

by MIDI from Accomp, Great, Solo manuals and Pedal, and from Apple 
Digital Computer)
(Not under expression control)
MIDI input/output channel selector

ROLAND HUMAN RHYTHM COMPOSER:  (Model R-5) Six audio output channels

ROLAND DIGITAL SAMPLER:  (Model S-550)  (Controlled by MIDI)  16 
voice polyphonic sampler module.  Adopts the expanded 16 bit system 
that processes all signals digitally.  
28.8 seconds at 30kHz sampling time, and a memory capacity of 64 
tones and 32 patches.  
Uses Apple Computer monitor.  Eight audio output channels (six used)
(Not under expression control)

ROLAND 8-IN/8-OUT MIDI PATCHER/MIXER:  (Model A-880)  64 programmable 
memory combinations of MIDI IN and OUT, controllable from Apple 
Computer sequencer

APPLE II+ DIGITAL COMPUTER monitor, remote monitor and dual disk 
drives to control MIDI and synthesizers, with printer

TOY COUNTER - (Pedals and/or Manuals):  (15" air pressure)
(Air Driven - 3" wind line to percussions)              Notation

Bongo-1 (reiterating)   Tamborine (reiterating)$        #-push button only
Bongo-2 (reiterating)   Sleighbells (reiterating)       *-push button, 
Finger Cymbal           Triangle*                       manual or pedal
Horse Hoofs             Castenets (reiterating)$        **-toe pistons
Maracas (reiterating)$  Clave$                          ##-pedal only
Band Cymbal Brush$      Band Cymbal Tap$                $-on rhythm unit
Sizzle Cymbal Tap$      Sizzle Cymbal Brush$
Cow Bell                Snare Drum Beat$
Snare Drum Roll (reiterating)   Snare Drum Brush$
Tom Tom (on snare drum) Crash Cymbal (on bass drum)**
Bass Drum (Wurlitzer)** Kettle Drum (on bass drum)##
Tympani Roll (reiterating)(on bass drum)**
Gong Cymbal (single or reiterating)*
Wood Block (single or reiterating)*
Bird Whistle#   Nightingale Whistle*
Police Whistle# Boat Whistle#
Train Whistle#  Band Siren Whistle#
Duck Call#
Slide Whistle Unit# - Duck 1, Train, Duck 2, Horn, Whistle, Train 1, 
High Train, Train 2, Low Train, Diesel, Bell, Slide Whistle

SOUND EFFECTS, (Air and Electric/Electronic):

Siren (air)             Nightingale Whistle (air)
Bird Whistle (air)      Boat Whistle (air)
Police Whistle (air)    Train Whistle (air)     Wind Chimes     Chinese Gong
3-tone Horn (air)       Klaxon Horn             Cymbalstern     Bowling Pins
Auto Horn               Siren - large           Diesel Horn     Wood Block (reit)
Siren - small           Canary Bird             Fire Gong
Doorbell/Telephone Bell                         Duck Call (air) Fire Bell
5-tone La Cucaracha Horn (air)
Duck call and moveable duck (air)

     37 - note Xylophone (reiterating)
     37 - note digitally sampled Wurlitzer Xylophone (single stroke or 
     49 - note Wurlitzer Chrysoglott
     30 - note Glockenspiel (single stroke or reiterating)
     30 - note Orchestra Bells (single stroke or reiterating)
     21 - note Cathedral Chimes (volume adjustable)
     85 - note Piano (vacuum)(normal and Honky Tonk)(with sustain)
     30 - note Rodgers Glockenspiel #1
     30 - note Rodgers Glockenspiel #2
     14 - note Christmas Bells
     21 - note Cathedral Chimes (amplified  - in console)
     37 - note Kilgen Marimba Harp (single stroke or reiterating)
     12 - note tuned dancing ducks (Kinura pipes)
     32 - note Santa's Marching Band
     25 - note Wurlitzer Tuned Sleighbells
     12 - note Party Whistles

PIPES (6" pressure)
Flute - 97 pipes        Open Diapason - 83 pipes
Cornopean - 49 pipes    Dulciana - 73 pipes
Flute - 48 pipes
Caliope - 48 pipes      Kinura - 12 pipes (15" pressure)

3 sets of animals
Animal Spotlight
Movie screen #1 up/down/stop
Movie screen #2 (American Flag) up/down/stop
Rhythm Select:  Electronic or toy counter Drum Unit
Wood Block:  Single/Reiterate
Chime Volume
Main Blower
Piano Blower
Pipe Organ Blower
Hammond Organ Override
Slide Projector, Movie 1, Movie 2, Movie 3
     Slide Forward, Slide Reverse
Room Light Controls


HAMMOND L-112 ORGAN (Spinet Model):  (interconnected with the Rodgers 
speaker system)
2-Manual (44 notes each)
13-note pedal board
2-toe pistons
     Crash Cymbal    Adjustable
Whistle Solo
Remote Projector Controls:  2 Movie, 1 Slide (forward & reverse); 
Projector signal

Upper: 9 drawbars:  16', 5 1/3', 8', 4', 2 2/3', 2', 1 3/5', 1 1/3', 1'
Lower: 7 drawbars:  8', 4', 2 2/3', 2', 1 3/5', 1 1/3', 1'
Pedal: 1 drawbar:  16'

Other controls:
     Headphones                      Brilliance
     Neon lights (each manual)       3 presets (upper)
     Percussion (3rd harmonic)       1 preset (lower)
     Percussion (2nd harmonic)       organ soft
     Percussion (fast decay)         key lock switch
     Percussion soft                 expression pedal
     Vibrato I, II, & III            Organ override
     Reverberation: I, II, & III     Pedal lights on/off
     Rhythm Unit on/off              Manual lights: bright/dim/off

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