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The Redford Theatre is operated by an all-volunteer staff. This volunteer spirit has enabled us to accomplish many things that would have been impossible without countless hours of volunteer labor. During all of our public shows, every worker in the building is donating his or her time to serve our audiences. In addition to the ticket takers, concession workers, stage and projection booth crews who keep things going when we are open to the public, there is a small army of people who perform maintenance and restoration tasks at the theatre on a daily basis. We're proud of the level of volunteerism shown by MCTOS members. 

Naturally, as a theatre organ society, we especially cherish members who share their musical talents with us and our audiences.The Motor City Theatre Organ Society is fortunate to have a number of talented volunteers who play at the Redford Theatre. These artists provide music for our movie series and club events.

Dave Calendine

Dave is a talented performer from Ohio who regularly visited Detroit to donate his time to entertain our movie audiences. Dave has recently moved to the Detroit area and has become active in the operation of the Redford Theatre. Audiences delight in Dave's energetic and engaging stylings of the standards as well as melodies from current films. Dave also serves as a member of the MCTOS Board of Directors.

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Jennifer M. Candea

Jennifer and her family have been involved in MCTOS activities for many years. Jennifer's mother is the rental agent for the theatre. When Jennifer isn't entertaining audiences, she can often be seen working in the box office. Jennifer has provided overture and intermission music for our movie audiences for a number of years. 

Tom Fortier

Gil Francis

Gil is a long time member of MCTOS. He is most often found at the Redford's music counter, helping people select tapes, CDs, records and other memorabilia. From time to time, Gil volunteers his time to perform for matinee audiences. 

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John Lauter

John Lauter has been involved with the Redford Theatre for many years. He was a part of the projection booth crew when the MCTOS took over the operation of the theatre and he was part of the team that secured the current projection equipment. John has long been known for his sumptuous ballads at the keyboard of the Redford. John is also adept at scoring and accompanying silent films. He has recently been involved in the assembling and the installing of a theatre pipe organ in the Baldwin Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan. In addition, John performs regularly at the Fox Theatre in Detroit and the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor. 

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Justin LaVoie

Justin LaVoie is a passionate young organist who is wholeheartedly devoted to music. He was introduced to the Redford Theatre’s Barton organ at the age of seven, and has been captivated by the theatre pipe organ ever since! He is a member of MCTOS and the American Theatre Organ Society. He has participated in three of the latter’s Summer Youth Camps, which provide valuable instruction to budding young organists. Jazz, rock, and old standards alike comprise his ever-growing repertoire, which he strives to present with a fresh approach. Justin is constantly devising new artistic ideas for his performances, hoping to keep his audiences pleasantly surprised. He has played for the Redford Theatre since the autumn of 2010.



Lance Luce

Lance Luce began his career as a teen-ager. He was introduced to the Redford's Barton at an early age. Lance was the youngest artist to be named as head staff organist for the Radio City Music Hall. Lance has played countless engagements at many venues around the world. He has performed for us many times, both at movies and in concerts. Lance's skills at arranging and playing music show in everything he does. 

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Tony O'Brien

Tony O'Brien has grown up with the Redford's Barton. In addition to his theatre organ training, Tony has a degree in classical organ. This combination of talents enables Tony to coax an extremely wide range of musical sounds from the organ. Tony's versatility shows in all areas, from accompanying silent films to providing mini-concerts for our film audiences. Tony has performed at all of the area theatre organ venues and has presented concerts around the world. Tony's incredible attention to detail shows in every program he performs. 

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Lynn Walls

Lynn became a member of MCTOS in April, 2002 after developing a serious mid-life interest in learning to play theatre organ in the styles of the early to mid 20th century.  Like many members, Lynn wears many hats and you might see him in the box office, serving as usher or working with the stage crew.

At home, his primary hobbies and interests are in computers, audio electronics, theatre organs, and the music of the early to mid 20th century.  He has a custom built three manual "virtual" theatre
organ in his home.

Lynn Walls

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The home of the Motor City Theatre Organ Society is the Redford Theatre located at 17360 Lahser Road, Detroit, MI 48219. The 24-hour information phone number is 313-537-2560.



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