You can just make
out the Kinura in the
lower right. Then the
and celeste. In the
Original installation
the kinura was in the
main chamber. I
have it in the Solo.
Another arial view

Wlak Board over
Main Chest.
Lansdowne Theater Main chamber
Diapason Offset
The Chrysoglott.

Even in the theatre
this was a tight
I don't know what the
added chest was for,
but it was not
Here is a picture of
the Pedal Bourdon
Here are the string
and Flute ranks.

Another View
Here is an arial view.
The chest with no
pipes was not a part
of the original
Tops of the string
Another View from
Here is a shot of the
Diapason. I
replaced all the
tuning slides with
new ones.

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