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"My Music, Much Money, Many Moons" is my personal motto. It is a line from the British motion picture "Different for Girls". The quote refers to our dreams, goals, or aspirations in life (My Music), the cost either financially. in relationships, or emotionally (Much Money), and sometimes the long time periods required to achieve our dreams or goals (Many Moons).


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I have recently decided to re-enter the theatre organ music field again. After a long layoff, my election to the board of directors of the Los Angeles Theatre Organ Society and the drive to educate and to perpetuate the genre, has caused me to start playing concerts once again. My home page offers some photos of myself (taken a few years ago, when my hair was much shorter and now not nearly so red) and a listing of recent and upcoming concerts courtesy of the L.A.T.O.S. "Hot Line". Please feel free to call us to see whats in store in our local T.O. scene.

The organ pictured on this home page is in a private residence in Southern California.. It is a 4/24 early Wurlitzer (1917) which came from the California Theatre in San Francisco. Photos courtesy of Mr. Tony Wilson. I plan to do some concerts in the southern California area once I feel my technique is back up to performance level. I have been studying with Mr. Tom Sheen for the past few years but, due to distance and time constraints, am now studying with Mr. Ralph Wolf.

If you have any questions regarding myself, my music or the theatre pipe organ,, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address listed below. I would enjoy hearing from you. Thank you.......

Yours truely,
Maureen Fuller



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