The Cinnaminson, NJ Wurlitzer

In the early 1960's Mr James Carter of Cinnaminson NJ located a neglected and unplayable WurliTzer theater organ in the Royal Theater in Bloomfield NJ . He removed the organ from a a 25' deep pit and took it to his home and workshop in Cinnaminson . There he rebuilt it and installed it in a specially built addition to his house.

The organ is a three manual Wurlitzer that originally had 11 ranks. The present specifications include all of the original except the Musette. It had been expanded to 16 ranks by Mr. Carter.

Upon his death in 1974 the organ was removed from his home and with the guidance of Mr. Carters' executor, Mr. Larry Ferrari, a Cinnaminson resident and organist, an arts council was formed to oversee the placement and use of the instrument. The high school auditorium was selected as the best place to install the organ to be accessable and enjoyed by the community.

James Carter Memorial Organ Specifications Tibia Clausa 8' Extended to 16' -Wurlitzer Tibia Plena 8' - Gottfried Open Diapaison 8' - Wurlitzer -extended to 16' Diaphone Viol De Orchestra 8' - Wurlitzer Salicional 8' - Wurlitzer Vox Celeste 8' - Wurlitzer Vox Humana 8' - Wurlitzer Clarinet 8' - Wurlitzer Trumpet 8' - Wurlitzer Tuba 8' - Wurlitzer - Extended to 16' English Horn 8' - Wurlitzer Saxophone 8' - Wurlitzer Solo String 8' - Wurlitzer Concerrt Flute 8' - Wurlitzer French Horn 8' - Gottfried Post Horn 8' Tenor C -Done by Bernie Bloom using oboe pipes with altered reed tongue shallots

Also included are the following: Xylophone, Marimba, Glockenspiel, Celeste, Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Tom Tom, Tamborine, Sleigh Bells, Cow Bell, Steam Boat whistle, Cymbal, Chinese Gong, Ahooga car horn, electric chimes- 2 1/2 octaves and yet to be hooked up -a 5 1/2 foot babygrand piano originally a reproducing piano .
The blower is a 10 HP two stage Spenser, not the original.

Carter's relays were not original he used Reisner electromagnetic switches. These were not used in the school installation. A solid state rely was installed that proved troublesome It was discarded in favor of a Z-tronic relay which is OK.

The ranks are divided into two chambers of 8 ranks each. There are 7 regulators and six tremulants.

I have recently heard that there is a theater organ being restored in an old movie theater called the Broadway Theater in Pitman NJ , a small town about 25 miles from me . I can get the specs on this instrument, it is a three manual Kimball of 8 ranks with an extensive toy counter.

The South Jersey TOS is completely restoring this instrument. If you have interest in this project please let me know.


Bob Deats

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