Tom K. Hamilton's Custom Organ

Located at:
1998 Collingswood Road
Columbus, Ohio 43221-3742
614 486-6043
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Special notice: This organ is for sale, contact Tom Hamilton for more information.

This all electronic organ was built jointly by the Roger Colby Company of Johnson City Tennessee (console) and the Classic Organ Company of Toronto, Ontario Canada (electronics). The specifications called for it to look like and sound like (in as much as possible) the 4-22 Robert Morton in the Ohio Theater, Columbus, Ohio. Colby took extensive measurements and photographs of the console, and Classic recorded the tonal qualities and levels of the various ranks..

The organ was originally installed in late 1986 but as with any large custom installation the bugs were not all worked out until early 1987. Since then there have been improvements and additions such as when the Ohio theater added a number of ranks, I had Classic add the same stops to keep the two instruments similar.

Other than some dirty contacts on occasion, an amplifier that went noisy and a control board that went bad, there has been no other maintenance to the organ. Concerning the above, the amplifier and defective board were replaced by Classic at no charge. During the last ten years I have cleaned the contacts myself once.

Except for the speakers, everything is housed in the console. There are 13 external speaker enclosures. Twelve of them are 30" wide, 18" high and 14" deep and contain three speakers each. The 14th cabinet is 18" x 18" x 24" high and contains a dual voice coil woofer. The twelve regular speakers are by-amped to separate the bass and treble. Total there are 37 speakers in 13 cabinets, 24 channels and over 2,000 watts of power. I have the speakers mounted on a shelf centered high in the room, half facing right and half facing left and projecting into a peaked ceiling to give the illusion of the sound coming from a right and left chamber.

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