The Cleveland

Convention Center Console

Convention Center

E. M. Skinner

Pipe Organ

5 Manuals, 168 Ranks

The Largest Pipe Organ in Cleveland, Ohio

Tuned and Maintained by

Krejci & Sons

Pipe Organ Service

The Organ Specification
Pedal Organ     Swell Organ  
Gravissiama 64’ (Resultant)   Dulciana 16’
Diapason 32’ (2nd Diap.)   Bourdon 16’
Contra Violone 32’ (Violone)   First Diapason
First Diapason 16’   Second Diapason
Second Diapason 16’   Stentorphone
Violone 16’   Gedeckt
Dulciana 16’ (Swell)   Clarabella
Gamba 16’ (Choir)   String Organ
First Bourdon 16’   Gamba
Lieblich Gedeckt 16’   Salicional
Echo Bourdon 16’   Flauto Dolce
Quint 10 2/3’ (Bour)   Aeoline
Principal 8’ (2nd Diap.)   Viol d’ Orch.
Octave 8’ (1st Diap)   Flute Celeste
Cello 8’ (Violone)   Unda Maris
Gedeckt 8’ (Bour)   Voix Celeste
Still Gedeckt   Octave
Echo Gedeckt 8” (Echo Bour.)   Fl. Harmonique
Super Octave 4’ (2nd Diap.)   Unda Maris II
Mixture 1    (Bour/Violone)   Violina
Mixture 2    (Bour/Violone)   Voix Celeste
First Bombard 32’   Flageolet
Second Bombard 32’   Sesquilatera III
Trombone 16’ (1st Bmbd.)   Mixture V
Ophecleide 16’ (2nd Bmbd.)   Posaune 16’
Posaune 16’ (Swell)   English Horn 16’
Fagotto 16’ (Choir)   Tuba
Tromba 8’ (1st Bmbd.)   Cornopean
Trumpet 8’ (2nd Bmbd.)   French Trumpet
First Clarion 4’ (1st Bmbd.)   Corno d’Amour
Second Clarion 4’ (2nd Bmbd.)   Vox Humana
Piano 16’   Tuba Clarion
Piano   Clarion
Solo Organ     Great Organ  
Contra Salicional 16’   Diapason 16’
Diapason   Bourdon Pedal 16’ (Pedal)
Gross Gedeckt   First Diapason
Doppel Floete   Second Diapason
Stentorphone   Third Diapason
Gross Gamba   Stentorphone
Gamba Celeste   Gamba
String Organ   Philomela
Harmonic Flute   Clarabella
Prestant   String Organ
Viola   Erzahler
Gamba Celeste   Gross Quint 5 1/3’
Hohlpfiefe   First Octave
Piccolo   Second Octave
Mixture V   Harmonic Flute
Cymbal V   Twelfth 2 2/3’
Ophecleide 16’   Fifteenth
Tuba Mirabilis   Chorus Mixture V
Tuba   Mixture III
French Tuba   Ophecleide 16’
Heckelphone   Tromba
French Horn   Clarion
Corno d’Basetto   Piano 16’
Orchestral Oboe   Piano
Musette   Piano
Tuba Clarion   Chimes  
Choir Organ     Echo Organ  
Contra Gamba 16’   Diapason
First Diapason   Gedeckt
Second Diapason   String Organ
Viola   Gamba
Voix Celeste   Gamba Celeste
Concert Flute   Gamba Celeste
Quintadena   Flute
Dulcet II   Tromba
String Organ   French Horn
Klein Erzahler II   Vox Humana
Octave   Chimes  
Gemshorn   Tremolo  
Nazard 2 2/3’      
Teirce 1 3/5’      
Septieme 1 1/7’      
Mixture III      
Fagotto 16’      
Orchestral Oboe      
Celesta Sub        
Unison     Octave  
Couplers     Couplers  
Swell to Great     Swell to Swell 16’
Choir to Great     Swell to Swell
Solo to Great     Swell to Great 16’
Echo to Great     Swell to Great
Swell to Choir     Swell to Choir 16’
Solo to Choir     Swell to Choir
Echo to Choir     Choir to Choir 16’
Echo to Swell     Choir to Choir
Echo to Solo     Choir to Great 16’
Great to Solo     Choir to Great
      Solo to Solo 16’
Pedal Coup.     Solo to Solo
Swell to Pedal   Solo to Great 16’
Great to Pedal   Solo to Great
Choir to Pedal   Echo to Echo 16’
Solo to Pedal   Echo to Echo
Echo to Pedal   Great to Great
Swell to Pedal      
Choir to Pedal      
Solo to Pedal      

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