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PATOS is incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and, as such, donations to PATOS are tax deductible for Income Tax Purposes.  To take advantage of this, contact us via email at DONATIONS.  We will put it to good use furthering the goals of PATOS.



PATOS and the Hollywood Theatre have entered into an agreement that should prove beneficial to both organizations.  PATOS has installed a Rodgers 34E organ in the theatre for use by both parties.  This should expose more of the public to the magnificence of theatre organ music.  In fact, it is already being used regularly (at present, once each month) when PATOS President Dale Abraham plays a short half hour program of organ music before the film.  Go to the HOLLYWOOD website and check their calendar.













For a sample of Tony’s playing……..

CLICK HERE# - and watch a sample on YouTube of his recent performance on the PATOS Wurlitzer.

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