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House Organist Rex Ward closes Winter 2014 silent film season with Teddy at the Throttle!

Sunday March 23rd 3:00 p.m. Paramount Center for the Performing Arts. Call box office or go on line for tickets.




There are three separate instruments currently in need of attention.

Walter Williams High School in Burlington N.C. is the first and biggest job. As the story of the Little Bee (found on the home page) articulates, PTOS needs help with basic woodworking skills associated to this specific effort. There is a need for custom built steps and ladders. Some simple supports to the Chrysoglott platform need to be added too. All simple things to do, just requiring good wood working skills.

Work sessions vary. The auditorium is in constant use during the school year. It is difficult to know more than a week in advance whether the facility can be accessed for our purposes. Working in the summer months is easiest. It has worked best with us over the years to pick a time the auditorium is going to be vacant and plan a "super work session" designed to get as many people together as needed for the current effort and use a long week-end to see how much can be accomplished.


Carolina Theatre in Greensboro N.C. in next. While the organ is playing and useful in its present configuration, we have been in the midst of installing a Clarinet in the Main. Issues with a Win 98 computer controlling the relay had set our efforts back in 2013. That problem has been resolved for now and we want to finish that part of the installation.

In addition to work on the organ proper, help with producing programs at the theatre, especially for a silent film series is needed. This includes everything essential to establishing an annual silent film series featuring the Carolina's Might Morton.


Last but not least, the Carolina Civic Center in Lumberton N.C. Work is in progress to remedy keying problems with the new manual Morton console. There is keen interest in the organ from the theatre management. We need help in Lumberton, boots on the ground that can help in the recurring need to have a PTOS presence in the theatre relative to the organ's use.

 For further details please contact Mac Abernethy at pma10cdr@att.net

or Buddy Boyd at tarfun@comcast.net



Carolina Theatre
310 South Greene Street
Greensboro, N. C.
Box Office: 336-333-2605





Carolina Civic Center
315 N. Chestnut St.
Lumberton, NC 28358
(910) 738-4339





Carolina Civic Center

The center is now open again and has a great new schedule of programs.


Paramount Center for the Performing Arts
518 State Street
Bristol, TN.
Box Office: 423-274-8920

February 9, 2014  3 p.m. Another great silent film presented by our house organist.



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