2/8 Robert Morton
Theatre Photos


Carolina Civic Center, Lumberton, North Carolina
315 N. Chestnut St.
Lumberton, NC 28358
(910) 738-4339

    PTOS was at a low point. We had removed the organ from Elon College and it was in storage. We had removed the 2/8 Robert Morton from the home of Dr Abernethy and it was in storage. We had removed the Standaart organ from Williams high school and it was parted out. The Carolina in Greensboro was up and playing after the fire and the 3/8 Robert Morton was installed and playing. There was no activity for us.

    We got a call from a class mate of Mac Abernethy to tell us about a small theatre in Lumberton, NC. Did we have an organ? The good news was, YES! But the bad news was that the theatre during the renovation had taken the space that the old Solo Chamber had been was not used for the fly space and the main cabinet for the lighting system.

    This left us to install the entire organ on the left side of the of the stage with the solo chamber above the main.

    The organ was installed with a diode/resistor matrix designed by members of the society. It was later replaced with a Uniflex 2000 system.

    Lee Erwin, Dr. Don McDonald, Greg Owen, and local organist Terry Jordon and Allen Lloyd.

    As a community theatre the town set the theatre rental at $25.00. This price was to make it available to all the towns organizations. The same price was set for any rental.

    After a few years of operation the heating and cooling system failed. The city did make repairs and so the theatre closed. After some years of being dark the city decided to replace the heating and cooling system. There was federal money available for this but it required that the additional effort be made to restore the building's office space. We expect the theatre to reopen sometime in 2009. You can read more about this comeback in the PTOS NEWS and the Carolina Civic Center Web page.

    The theatre went through a period of segregation like most theatres in the south. It was not done with the separate balcony as the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro was, but chicken wire to separate the balcony in half. Today no trace of that time period remains and the theatre is for the whole community.


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