The Piedmont Theatre Organ Society needs help. Every thing takes "Time and Money". We know money everywhere is in short supply. Competition for corporate donations is harder than ever. Of course, donations are needed. Every cent goes to maintenance and restoration efforts. PTOS volunteers receive nothing in the way of monetary compensation for their time, tools and travel expenses. Love may make the world go around, but it is money that oils the machinery.

The money means nothing though, without the hard work that volunteers give to our projects. We are in need of volunteers who can help us with the production of programs. Anyone familiar with how to organize, arrange and otherwise help produce the programming we need to have to make all this worth while, we can use your help. To establish a silent film series in Greensboro, Burlington and Lumberton, we need boots on the ground responsible for organizing publicity, tickets, etc.

In addition, help is needed with some wood working projects. For example, we need a number of ladders and short steps customized for the chambers in Williams High. Nothing elaborate, but thought out and well executed. Additional supports for the Chrysoglott platform is needed too.

We own 4 theatre pipe organs, three are in public places. Our installations are located over a distance of 360 miles. If you have skills or wish to contribute material or funds, please -  CONTACT US.

 Carolina Civic Center Lumberton:
       Complete repairs on manual contacts
        Rebuild Blower Original condition
       Install remaining recovered power pneumatics on Xylophone and Glock.

Williams High School:
       Complete installing new B Wurlitzer (see The Little B main menu) and adjusting Main chests.
        Install Stenor Diapason and English Horn in Solo Chamber. Provide platform for, and  mount new wind chime action


Carolina Theatre Greensboro:

Finishing installing chest and racking for new Clarinet in the Main chamber

Tune and regulate Kinura in the Solo chamber



Last updated: 02/28/14.


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