New Wurlitzer chests arrive! They have been completely re-leathered. Note the

Quintadena and French Horn do not fit the existing racks. More work to do!


Here work crew member Buddy Boyd stands by the new 5 rank chest in the central

Main chamber. Note the new racks for the Vox Humana and French Horn. Here we are

finishing the rack for the Quintadena.

This is what things looked like shortly after racking all the old and new additions. Still more work to do!


The Model B Wurlitzer Opus 1774 comes to Williams High School!

(see the Little B story)

Preparing to pull the bottom boards and move it in to the shop


This pouch from the Cello offset, originally covered in Zephyr skin, is typical of the condition of all the chests.


Here we can see the B 5 rank chest in her new home. Note the missing Tubas. We hope to raise the funds we need to have these replaced by Trivo in Hagerstown. 14 pipes in all are missing with 4 damaged.



Last updated: 02/28/14.


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