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On the Second-Touch Discussion List, Ian McIver, theatre organist now resident of Brisbane and compiler of the Southern Cross Web Site dealing with theatre organs in the southern hemisphere, asked if there were any verses dealing with the theatre organ. He printed a whimsical poem written in his schooldays dealing with the fictional career of "English" theatre organist, David Morgan who supposedly ended up accompanying angels with their harps. The following, recently written by a sometime schoolboy now in adult clothing, is offered as a light-hearted sequel with an Aussie slant.


A Whimsical Sequel:


David Morgan Plays On?



Dedicated to Ian McIver, KCSOB


My sincere thanks to John, whose first step on his illustrious career was teaching English at my old Alma Mater when I was a grubby thirteen-year-old student, and who, like me, attempted to make music on that establishment's two-manual reed organ.  I met him again at Easter 2001, after an interval of nearly forty years.  Neither of us has aged a second... His contribution to the cultural side of cinema organs, I am afraid, puts my humble effort in the shade, and I am most grateful to him for allowing me the pleasure of presenting his epic to the world.  Ian McIver /St Morgan's Day 2002

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