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Record Review by Alex Campbell Gifford

"Cinema Organ Herald" May 1933, Vol 2, p. 75




ALL who heard Jesse Crawford's wonderful broadcast programme from the Empire, Leicester Square, London, will surely buy the new records that Jesse has made on the Empire organ.

The first is H.M.V. B4434, the record that Christopher Stone broadcast one evening last week. The tune is " My Love Song," with a vocal refrain. Many will not like the style of the vocalist, who is unnamed, but it is quite different to the usual crooner, and will appeal to all who appreciate an attempt to " sing " a dance number. On the other side of this disc is that delightful number " A Broken Rosary." When I played this record I was taken back to the Empire where I first heard it played by Mr. Crawford. I closed my eyes and could almost have imagined that I was back in the theatre, so good was the reproduction and recording. The other side of this record gives us a tune called " The Old Spinning Wheel," and is a very excellent demonstration of what our Jesse can do with an organ. These two records should be in the library of every cinema organ enthusiast in the country, and will stand as a happy memory of the time when we were all privileged to hear the world's finest exponent of the most complex instrument that has yet been devised.

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