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Record Review 2 by "Turn-Table"

"Cinema Organ Herald" June-July 1933, Vol 3, p. 125


Jesse Crawford    




This month all Jesse Crawford " fans " will be well satisfied. We have three records : the first Christopher Stone broadcast the other evening ; it is of " A Kiss in the Dark " and " Pale Moon " (H.M.V. B4445). This record was made in the U.S.A. just before Mr. Crawford sailed for this country, and gives us an opportunity of comparing his efforts at the Empire, Leicester Square,
London, and those on his big Studio organ in New York.

For reproduction I would go for the London recordings every time, but for tonal effect and playing I prefer those made in New York, chiefly because they lack that nauseating vocal refrain which gets on my nerves so much whenever I hear a light number. The other two records are of " Drifting down the Shalimar " and " Hold Me " on H.M.V. B4460, and " Friends Once More United," which has on the reverse side " In the Valley of the Moon," on H.M.V. B4461. All four of these tunes are excellent, and will prove perfect to those who like the vocal refrain, but apart from that they are excellently played as only Crawford could play them. '

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