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Links to other related sites

I can recommend all of these links


Theatre Organ Society of Australia on-line Divisions:


Other Australian Organ Societies

The Organ Music Society of Sydney

Organ Historical Trust of Australia


Australian Theatre Organists' Websites

John Giacchi


International Theatre Organ Societies and Reference Sources

Theatre Organs Home Page This is the place to start looking for information on theatre organs internationally.  It includes databases of installations, the complete list of Wurlitzer organs, Wurlitzer factory specifications of standard models, buy and sell theatre organs and parts, links to individual theatre organ sites worldwide, sources for books and CDs. You can listen to a theatre organ and download wallpaper.  A one-stop shop for the theatre organ aficionado.  It also hosts this website. Need one say more?

American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS)

Cinema Organ Society (UK)

Encyclopaedia of Organ Stops

"Het Orgel" - Netherlands Organ Site with superbly classifed links pages

National Institute of Theatre Organ Studies (Scotland)

Theatre Organs - Alan Baker's website (UK)


Specific Theatre Organ locations in Australia

Peter Beames' Wurlitzer Op. 2027, Adelaide

Marriner Theatres (Regent, Plaza, Forum (State), etc., Melbourne)

John Parker (organ builder), Sydney - currently restoring the State, Sydney organ

Powerhouse Museum (Sydney) photoplayer

Orpheum Theatre, Cremorne, Sydney, NSW

State Theatre, Sydney

West's Majestic Theatre, Pomona, Qld.


Theatre Organ Discussion Lists



Theatre Organ Players and Fans


Music and recordings

Australian National Film and Sound Archive

Chris Long Historical Media Research : hit "Antiquarian" tag - this site contains much information about early recordings made in Melbourne and has downloadable tracks of Newell Alton at the Capitol, Melbourne, Wurlitzer in 1929.  

The Silent Film Bookshelf and MIDI files of silent film music

BBC radio 2 (listen in to "The Organist Entertains" on-line) Some advice from Bill Potts (from the SecondTouch discussion List - see below) on what to do after clicking on this link: "Don't bother at this stage to click on the "Listen" button: it doesn't work (or at least it didn't work for me). Instead, click on the "improved online audio quality" button: this will try to get you to download a RealAudio Player. This may be free, but it takes an hour, and doesn't, at the end of it, enable one to receive what is wanted. Towards the bottom of this page is a paragraph over what to do if you are still having problems - click on the "here" button: You should then get a display allowing you to chose between downloading a RealPlayer (again this didn't work for me), or using a "Non-Embedded Player" - that is what works!The quality, though not quite as good as FM, is surprisinly high.One quite irrelevant point: internet Radio 2 is 72 seconds behind FM Radio2, so it might be inadvisable to set any timepieces by it."

"Memory Lane" - Theatre Organ Music on Melbourne Radio - Sunday evenings (available in Melbourne only)

Theatre Organ Music on Adelaide Radio (available in Adelaide only)

Theatre Organ Music on radio on-line from Perth (Western Australia) (available via Internet)

Listening times:


Picture Theatres and related Art Déco Architecture

American Picture Theatres

Art Déco Architecture

Art Déco Society, Auckland (NZ)

Australian Cinema & Theatre Society

Cinema and Theatre Historical Society (Victoria)

Cinema Theatre Association (UK)

Cinema Treasures (a wonderful site about USA picture theatres)

Greater Union Theatres (Australia)

Hoyt's Cinemas (Australia)

The Picture Palace (UK)

Theatre Historical Society of America

www.theatres and links




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