Capitol Theatre, Haymarket, London

Hill, Norman & Beard Organ

Op. 255119234/34 speaking stops£7295

Opened 1925 by George Pattman


Acoustic Bass  32

Diapason Bass  16

Violone  16

Bourdon  16

Dulciana  16

Octave  8

Flute  8

Contra Oboe  16

Ophicleide  16

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Solo to Pedal

Orchestral to Pedal

Great & Pedal Pistons Combined



Contra Viola 16

Open Diapason 8

Viola 8

Octave 4

Harmonics 4

Swell to Great

Solo to Great

Orchestral to Great



Horn Diapason 8

Zauberflöte 8

Aeoline 8

Unda Maris 8

Lieblich Flöte 4

Contra Oboe 16

Horn 8

Sub Octave


Unison Off

Swell Vibrato



Quint Flöte 16

Hohl Flöte 8

Muted Viol 8

Viole d'Orchestre 8

String Célestes 8

Piccolo 2

Vox Humana 8

Clarinet 8

Orchestral Oboe 8

Sub Octave


Unison Off

Swell to Orchestral

Solo to Orchestral

Orchestral Vibrato



Tuba Sonora 8

Harmonic Claribel 8

Violoncello 8

Concert Flute 4

Sub Octave


Unison Off

Solo Vibrato



Violin 8

Harp Aeoline III

Melodia 8

Flute d'Amour 4

Saxophone 16

Vox Mystica 4

Parsifal Bells

?? Only16 (tab illegible in photo - in lower row with couplers)

Sub Octave


Unison Off

Echo Vibrato


By Toe piston:

Snare Drum tap & roll

Bass Drum tap & roll


12 Adjustable selective pistons above top manual

4 thumb pistons to each manual

1 thumb piston to Great to Pedal

Toe piston details unknown

Cancel button to each division (inset in division nameplates)

Balanced swell pedals:




General Crescendo

Tubular pneumatic action

Duplex blower

Organ was recorded on 78 rpm discs (for HMV) by F Rowland Tims

Replaced 1930 by 3/9 Compton unit organ

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