Study note - Gaylord Carter 1905-2001

Born: Wiesbaden, Germany

Also played under the name Chester Gay

1926, Million Dollar Theatre, Los Angeles, then Paramount, United Artists, Los Angeles and Warner and Egyptian Theatres, Hollywood. Much radio work 1930s and 1940s, especially for "Amos and Andy" show, the theme for which, "The Perfect Song", adapted from the "love" theme from the score for the silent film "Birth of a Nation", later became Gaylord's own theme song.  In his later years, Gaylord fronted the revival of the art of accompnaying silent films, and recorded sound-tracks for many video releases of classic silent films.

The Virtual Radiogram includes broadcast material from the 1940s on CBS' KNX 3/11 organ at Columbia Square, Hollywood.


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