The Mighty Wright WurliTzer
The Gordon and Evelyn Wright WurilTzer


THIS MIGHTY WURLITZER started out as a 3 manual, 11 rank Style 235 in the Melba Theatre in Dallas where it accompanied silent movies from 1921 to 1929. The console was replaced in 1931 with the new Balaban style console while using the same keyboards, stop tabs and pedals.

The Gordon and Evelyn Wright WurilTzer


GORDON and EVELYN WRIGHT purchased the dismantled and partially destroyed organ in 1978. As the Wrights rebuilt the organ, it grew from 11 to 18 ranks. They also increased the number of stop tabs from 96 to 194, added many couplers and multiplexed the console. Along with the seven new ranks, they added a Vibraharp and even more percussion. Ten-thousand man-hours went into rebuliding this Wurlitzer.

The Gordon and Evelyn Wright WurilTzer


Gordon and Evelyn have been longtime members of the The North Texas Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society, serving many years on the Executive Board and working on several committees.

The background on this page is also the Wright's Wurlitzer.


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