Wurlitzer Organ Trust of Auckland
C/- The Playhouse Theatre, Glen Eden ,
Auckland, New Zealand

2016 Concert Series

All concerts take place at the Playhouse Theatre
15 Glendale Rd, Glen Eden, Auckland


While Auckland’s historic Wurlitzer pipe organ awaits its new home,
we continue to present a selection of shows featuring some of the popular artists
that entertained us during our years at the Hollywood Cinema.


THURSDAY JUNE 9, at 2pm  
Chris Powell (UK)


Despite the Wurlitzer not being available, Chris Powell’s lively “Blackpool Style” of playing the organ can still be enjoyed on a digital organ.


Thanks to MusicPlanet  we will have an Allen TH300 digital theatre organ and we are hoping to also include a Roland keyboard which will provide a thrilling contrast in sounds and playing styles.


A great afternoon indeed is in store with this very popular international touring artist.

Please Note: this is NOT a Sunday show







SUNDAY OCTOBER 2, at 2pm  
Scott Harrison (AUS)


Here comes another popular artist from our Hollywood Cinema days, who will bring us a fun afternoon of musical variety! 


Once again, a digital organ will be on stage and Scott will be joined by Guest Artists, the Auckland based Dixie band B.B.C. for some organ & band duos.


A short silent movie with organ accompaniment will bring another dimension to the mix and make for a great afternoon for young and old.


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