Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

Why I wanted to buy an instrument.

I am crazy. (You need to be to get into this business)

After 25 years of maintenance work on our local club instrument I felt I had enough experience to be able to take on another instrument and give it the care it deserved.

I did wish to play a small part in the preservation of the Theatre Organ by helping to preserve one of the few remaining examples of the typical theatre organs as they were built. Most of the similar instruments have been recycled into larger instruments or otherwise lost.

I was looking for a complete, original, Piano Console style WurliTzer but after several years I had only located 2 of the 700 built, which were both unlikely to become available soon, so I broadened my scope to include horseshoe console models.

As a non-player I am more interested in the preservation and restoration side so a "handy-man special" that could be returned to as-good-as-new (or better) condition was the target.



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