Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

Arrival and delivery.

The ship arrived in Adelaide on the expected date in mid September and then it took another 12 days to get the container delivered.

There was the promised delivery date that was cancelled when it was realized that quarantine had not fumigated the container to kill all the bugs that were (possibly) living in the wood. (I had set off a bug bomb in the container as we closed it up the last time to take care of any passengers even though I knew that would not count officially)

There was the promised delivery time that I went home from work for that did not happen because the shipping company realized I had not paid them, because they had not told me they wanted to be paid yet.

There was the delay while they tried to decide if they could get the truck to my house and unload the container. They would rather have taken the container to their depot and unload it there and I could then pick up the contents with another truck and take it home. That might work for a neat load of boxes but is not very convenient. for a pipe organ. They sent a driver around one evening on his way home to have a look and he was eventually satisfied that it could be done so I then pruned the tree in the front lawn down to ground level to give a little extra space. The container was then delivered on a truck, with self contained lifting gear, and offloaded onto the ground which made the unloading much easier.

Some lengths of the main wind line which were packed on the top of everything else in the container had slid sideways a little during the trip but the ropes around them did prevent them from moving far enough to do any damage. Nothing else seemed to have moved during the trip. The wind line on the crash cymbal action did get squashed but there was no sign of any other damage during the trip. The pedal contacts were knocked around but that would have been done during the removal.

A team of eight people emptied the container and filled up my freshly cleaned out garage in about 3 hours.


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