Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

XYLOPHONE - 37 Note, Small Scale

Here we can see the Reiterating contacts.

The Contact Strip attached to the back of each Hammer Pneumatic shorts the two contact wires on the Contact Block mounted behind the pneumatic. When a note is played power is supplied to one contact wire, travels across the Contact Strip to the other contact wire which is connected to the magnet.

When the pneumatic is inflated the pivoting movement around the hinge in the back ot the pneumatic causes the Contact Strip to move upwards until the contacts are opened. With power no longer reaching the magnet everything resets back towards the rest position, helped by the spring that can be seen just behind the pneumatic. As soon as the Contact Strip returns far enough the contacts close again, and if the the note is still being played, the cycle repeats.

The speed and movement is adjusted with the screw through the Contact Strip which is able to raise or lower the contact point. Adjusting the tension screw on the return spring, which goes through the wood above the spring, changes the speed of return.


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