Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

Primary Pneumatic Releathering Jig

These are similar in function, but not as pretty, as some that can be purchased from at least one of the major organ parts suppliers. This version is made from a strip of plywood and 2 wooden clothes pegs.

The end is routed down so that the overall width of the pneumatic is held at 25mm.

The leather can be glued on 2/3rds of one end and along one side in the first operation. When this has dried sufficiently the jig can be slid to the other end of the pneumatic to allow the second end to be glued while it is still held in place.

I use six of these for "production line" assembly. Having them as individual units, instead of mounted on a single frame as the secondary jigs are, allows them to be handled more easily to do the more fiddly work.

These can be used for all the Primary pneumatics in the instrument.


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