Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ


This shows the space where the Chrysoglott Spreader would be, connecting the cable to the Chrys.
The four added Chrys Switches are in place with their cables running out to the Relay. The cable between the end of the Switch and the cable box is wrapped in woven cotten tape to (a) look like the original, (b) protect the wiring, and (c) allow the cable to twist as freely as possible as the Switch pivots ON and OFF.

The Switches pivot on screws which go into each end of the Switch through the bearing blocks which screw to the panel. The screws allow the horizontal position to be adjusted to ensure the contacts on the Switch line up with the vertical common strips.

The area where the Chrys Switches will be used to be where the two keyboard cables came from the console to spreaders which linked through short vertical strips to the spreaders with the cables going to the Relays. That is why there are 61 note positions while the Chrys is only 49 notes. It was the most convenient position to add the switches for the Chrys, and the keyboard cables can be connected with plugs elsewhere.


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