Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ


This shows the other added Stop Switch, for the Xylophone Single Tap.

The standard arrangement in Wurlitzers was for the Xylo to re-iterate, which is no longer fashionable. An extra cable has been wired to the Xylophone chest which connects directly to the magnets, bypassing the re-it contacts. The extra cable will be wired directly to the Single Tap Switch so that when the Xylo tab is on, and Single Tap is selected the re-it contacts will be, in effect, shorted out and the notes will not re-it. This Switch will be controlled by a descrete switch without adding extra Stop Tabs so the specification is not effectively altered but the option exists to switch between Single or Re-it. This is a much more desirable method of achieving Single Tap than shorting out the contacts with a bit of wire or de-adjusting the contacts so they can never open.

To be more correct an extra cable should have been run from the Relay to the Switch and the chest cable should have gone to another spreader. That would have allowed the Xylophone to be re-it on one manual and single tap on another, at the same time, however the specification only has the Xylo on the Solo manual so the added versitility was not warranted, unless extra Stop Tabs were to be added to the Console.


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