Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

RELAY - Pneumatics

These two pneumatics did come from the same relay but are of two different designs.

On the left there are two holes in the front edge of the top of the pneumatic. These were used when the contact bar was attached to the pneumatic with pegs pushed through the leather into the wood. This is how the preset relay pneumatics in the console of this instrument were done.

On the right these holes are missing. All these relay pneumatics had the contact bar attatched to the pneumatic with wide flat brass staps screwed onto the top of the pneumatics.

It appears this instrument was built at the time the design was being changed so some of the old stock, with the holes pre-drilled, was used even though the holes were not used.

The felt pads are buffers for the adjusting screws that limit the downward movement of the pnematics.


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