Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

TOOLS - Leather Cutting

Trimming Knife - this is the heavy duty model. Much easier to grip and stronger than the small models. A good conventional style knife works well but it is a choice between regularly sharpening the blade or the convenience of the snap-off blades.

Rotary Cutter - these are much easier to use for cutting up leather. The rotary design means that the force is mainly downwards cutting through the material instead of pulling and tearing that happens with a knife. Much cleaner cuts and less slipping of the material. There is also less chance of doing serious damage to yourself. The blades are very sharp and seem to stay that way as long as you do not abuse them. The builtin guard that slides down behind the blade is a simple and effective way to protect the blade and yourself.

Whenever cutting the backing material is very important to the life of the blade. A large self-healing plastice cutting mat is worth the cost.


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