Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ


The Realy Chest stripped down to the bare essentials.

The bottom board on the lower (Accomp) relay has been returned and the accomp relay does have new gasket around it.

If the replay is not being fully rewired there is no way to fully dismantle the relay because the wiring runs through the chest sides and the end frame/support. It would be possible to get the right side apart but this does not achieve much because it is still not possible to free up the left end so that the screws holding the bottom of the top chest and the top of the bottom chest become accessible. The contact rails must remain in place and worked around without bending any of the contacts.

The "V"s cut into the left frame board are not original. Normally the wiring to the magnets on the primary box goes through a simple hole in the frame board. This arrangement does not allow the primary box to be removed from the chest, without removing the wiring, if any work should ever be required. The "V"s will allow the cable to be freed with the primary box if it is ever needed.


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