Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ


This is the air inlet end of the relay chest.

The three holes on the right admit air from the manifold that is formed here to the main part of the chest. The manifold is fitted with a sliding ventil which allows you to close off these holes so that the front may be removed from the chest for servicing while the air is on, and the other manual(s) may still be used.

The hole on the left is the feed to the primary box. Note the single screw next to this hole. This screw goes into the primary box. When removing the primary box you need to remove all the screws from inside the main part of the chest, behind the pneumatics, and also one screw from each end. The screw at the other end is easy. This screw happens to be hidden behind the frame of the manifold so the whole manifold must be removed first.

Also note these holes have a seal around the inside. The originals were rubber cloth but leather can be used as on the left. These seals need to be broken to get the primary box out, and then replaced.


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