Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

Restoration begins.

I started trying to obtain a stock of leather before the instrument arrived but it was actually 15 months before I was able to obtain the first part of my requirements from the only known source of the right quality materials in the country. That did tend to restrict my rebuilding options for a while. It would have been possible to import leather from a number of suppliers overseas but general, knowlegable, opinion indicates that the best leather for small pneumatics is kangaroo so it did seem that importing kangaroo leather into Australia should be the last resort. There is always something else to do anyway.

While waiting for the leather I started refinishing all loose assorted woodwork. This included legs, pipe supports, rack boards, brackets etc. Some pieces were packed in the pipe trays and these were left until the time when it will be necessary to open those trays again. The best thing for pipes not on their chests is to be left resting peacefully in a comfortable pipe tray, with as little disturbance as possible.



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