Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

Some Traps.

The Crash Cymbal action was done first followed by the Sleigh Bells and Acme Siren unit.

The Crash Cymbal is one of the few three stage actions in a WurliTzer. The magnet controls the primary pneumatic which is connected to valves which control the secondary pneumatic which is connected to the large valves which control the power pneumatic.

The sleigh Bells are a single strap non-tuned unit. Not as impressive as a full set of tuned Sleigh Bells but probably just as useful most of the time, and a lot less work and space. The bells were cleaned, polished and sprayed with lacquer. The lacquer will take a little off the tone of the bells but the improved look is probably more significant in their case.

The Acme Siren, which really was made by the Acme Company in England, is one of the few examples of a single stage action, with no primary pneumatic and valves. The magnet controls the pneumatic that is attached to the small pallet disk. The Siren only requires a small amount of air to operate so its action only needs a small pallet which can be activated by the small pneumatic.

The Sleigh Bells and Acme Siren are mounted together on a baord that mounted on the side of the wooden trunk that ran up to the Toy Counter and Percussions.



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