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Q. How can I get a link to my organ related website posted on ???

A. First of all you should have put your web page on to begin with, its free, and helps keep everything in one place. Everytime we link to an organists page over on within 6 months to a year the page is long gone and we have an index full of dead links. That made us make a policy long years ago (over 10 years ago) that we would only link to fully qualified domain names like, and There may be some old links that are not in agreement with this policy but they are grandfathered in. We will add no new links that are not full domain names like this. Keep reading to see what to if you don't have a fully qualified registered domain name.

The registration of the name and setting up of a server means that someone is serious about things and likely to stay around, even if they change Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

If you have browsed the internet, found an interesting link then clicked on the link only to find it lead to nowhere you know the frustration that causes. And the maintenance of keeping the 10,000+ pages on free from dead links is a nightmare.

We invite anyone to put their organ related site right on our server where it will be safe in the event you move, change ISPs, drop dead or whatever else happens to here-today-gone-tomorrow web pages. If you have a fully qualified registered domain name, we will provide a link as a courtesy. To set up your page, move your page to or add a link to a fully qualified domain you only need Email the Webmaster - Jerrell Kautz

If you don't have a full name, then we suggest moving or mirroring your pages onto our server. Copying your pages over to is easy to do, we can help do it, and we can show you how to replace your old page location with a special page that will automatically send anyone looking at your old page over to your new permanent location.

Once your page is on it will also show up in the search engines and people can actually find it. Most search engines no longer include pages from in their searches because of the dead link problem.

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