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We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Home Pages to entities engaged in repair, installation, buying, selling, brokering, and otherwise associated with ORGANS and other products.!

Why Advertise Here
You work hard. Yet how can you sell your organs or associated products to a worldwide audience? Go Global! If it relates to organs or appeals to organists, there is only one place you should advertise it - the ONE PLACE on the NET where organists and fans of organs go to see their favorite on the Theatre Organ Home Page.

The Rates
The rates are very inexpensive, less than you will probably find anywhere else....not to mention everything is NEGOTIABLE so why not be associated with the snazziest award winning organ page on the net! Why be off in la-la land where no one will see you! For just $80.00 a month your company can be online HERE! Where organ lovers will see your ad.

You will have a regular text link, Plus our random advertising banner-link on the Theatre Organ Home Page, that is Page 1 where everyone will see it. Random Banners are also imbedded in other pages as well. For an additional charge we can put your banner or link wherever else you want it on our pages.

An Added bonus will include random classified type ads linked individually with the classified advertisements....our most popular feature! If you ALREADY have a home page on another server, but would like a random banner link on our page to yours, the charge is only $40.00 monthly.

Sponsor Theatre Organs
When you put your page over on Joe Blow Internet Provider's server you are supporting Joe Blow instead of work that will be a legacy forever to theatre organ lovers. The Theatre Organ home page will be an accumulation of work and a knowledge base that will be added to continuously for future generations. Whatever you are paying Joe Blow's Internet Service, you can use to sponsor the Theatre Organs Home Page in some way, still have your home pages and come out ahead.

Number of Pages
For that $80 there is no limit to the number of pages you can have for your company or product...the sky is the limit.

Your Product on the Net
The World-Wide-Web is growing by leaps and bounds, join the thousands of companies that now show their product and service online. Before long, everyone will have an internet account. You wouldn't want to be unreachable, would you? Ever have a customer hot to buy an organ and then cooled off before the deal was done? With Email, you get the inquiry, and can respond all in a matter of minutes! You may not have thought about selling your product outside of your present market area but now the World is at your fingertips, but only if you get online.

And don't accept being lost in the millions of pages browsable on the WWW. No, get your listing here where everyone interested in organs can see it. Do a search on your favorite browser for Theatre Organs or Pipe Organs. You'll find us....and your prospects will now find YOU!

Picture Your Product Here!
How can people buy it if they don't know what it looks like! Particularly large items like organs, pianos and harpsichords.

We have found that showing a picture of used musical instruments results in fast sales. If you broker instruments, spend the money to get some photos made. Simple snapshots work fine, you can scan them or we can. You may even want to invest in a digital camera that takes computer ready pictures.

Acceptz-Vous des Cartes de Credit?
If you accept Credit Cards, we can fix it so the user can order your product from a form online and merely click to send the order right to your waiting e-mail box. What could be easier. If you don't accept credit cards, we fix it so that the user can download a form ready to print and mail with their payment.

For the first time, there is now an easy way to market YOUR product, be it a giant PIPE ORGAN , sheet music, or accessories! What better place to showcase your product line than on the Theatre Organ Home Page, where folks on the net look at their favorite organs.

Your advertising is WEB SEARCHABLE
Why delay- get online today and list your product line on the NET where organ fans will be able to find your product or recording in the popular search engines AND where they come to see what's new in the theatre organ world.

FTP it or Have Us Do Your Page
If you have someone computer literate on your staff, why not have them do the page setup and save $$$. We will set up an FTP account and you can make changes online instantly. Or, if you prefer, for an additional charge of $35/an hour we can do your page setup. After the initial investment in setting up your pages, there is only the monthly online charge to worry about. Minor changes that take less than 15 minutes to execute are done at no charge.

All prices and specifications subject to change

Email the Webmaster Right Now! - Jerrell Kautz with any questions or to setup an account.

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