The Devtronix "Paramount" Organ

Dave Taylor in Scottsdale, AZ has one of these babies left over from golden times. These were sold in mostly kit form from about the early to mid 70's on into the early 80's. This model featured 3 wooden keyed manuals in a Wurlitzer 'scroll' type theatre organ console (80% full size); dog leg bench; 7 sets independent oscillators (32' bombard & bourdon); many independently formated frequency divider sourced 'color reeds'; programmable combination action; 8 pistons/division w/8 generals on acc.; 8 toe studs; 3 expression pedals (crescendo); 2nd touch on acc & great; tubular chimes (MAAS); glock; custom toy counter (xylophone); piano driver w/8'& 4' tabs on full double bolster w/134 Wurlitzer style 'moving' stops; couplers; 12 channels; audio processor....Over $33,000 in parts; not a 'want to be'- pro's say it 'feels' & sounds like 'piper'!!

This 'toy counter' in the picture was a custom addition offered by one of the Devtronix staff early on. There were supposedly only 9 of these built and sold. They were just too labor intensive and the retail cost to make it worth while to the builder would have been prohibitive. Dave sez, "To be honest, it makes real 'noise'!! I rarely use it--and the vacuum motor (note: not a blower) makes even more noise. I just have never had the incentive to really get this part of the system running. But it does work--including the xylophone!! I've added Maas Rowe tubular chimes and there is a metal bar glock" (mounted on top of the toy counter cabinet--the brown box in the background).

Dave tells Theatreorgans.Com: "I have all the original brochures that Devtronix published. There were a few models available. Would you believe that there was even a 4 manual kit offered?? It was called the 'Publix'. The 3 manual such as mine was called the 'Paramount'. I don't know how many were sold--but there was a fairly good number that composed an informal club (I guess) in that they would write Devtronix about their progress. Devtronix then published these in their newsletter. Fascinating times."

Dave goes on to explain Devtronix is still in biz today, "But they develop controllers for the pipe organ industry (including midi) as I understand it. I Can tell you what I think about the sound and feel. I owned Rodgers and Allen prior to this unit. The Allen ADC4500 was the last big commercially available unit I owned. IT INSPIRED MY ACQUIRING THIS DEVTRONIX (if you can believe a used $24K organ could do that)!!"

Here are the specifications pages scanned in from the original owner's manual. There are 6 pages. Actually, the brochure goes into the details of the kit itself--after these first 6 pages of specs. This data would not be interesting as the kit is no longer offered anyway, not to mention that this info is not very revealing in the first place.

Page 1 scanned of the original Devtronix "Paramount" Specifications
Page 2 scanned of the original Devtronix "Paramount" Specifications
Page 3 scanned of the original Devtronix "Paramount" Specifications
Page 4 scanned of the original Devtronix "Paramount" Specifications
Page 5 scanned of the original Devtronix "Paramount" Specifications
Page 6 scanned of the original Devtronix "Paramount" Specifications

Any other Devtronix organ users out there? Share with us about your organ!!! Would love to have a 4 Manual Devtronix to show on this page. Email with any particulars!

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